3 Reasons We’re Investing in the Tropics (and You Should, Too)

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If you’re like most people, you’ve gone on vacation and thought “I wish I could live here year round.” But then that rat race mentality kicks in, and you start thinking that the good life is too good to be true. What if you learned of a place that’s tropical and exotic, but still close to everything familiar, a place where you could retire while you’re still young enough to enjoy it? Well, we’ve found it, and it’s not some mystical land that’s far, far away. In fact, it’s practically in your own back yard.

The Grand Cayman Islands are a haven for people who want to enjoy a slice of the good life, and the living is easy. It’s also a lot more affordable than you’d think. It’s normal for the uninformed to think of buying real estate in Grand Cayman as a tax shelter, and that may be part of it, at first. But the fact is that most investors are there for the long haul; what was intended as a vacation home or a property investment quickly becomes an affordable way of life.

Her are the top three reasons that we’re making the Cayman Islands our new home, and you should, too.

1. Favorable Tax Laws

This is the initial draw, so let’s get it out of the way. The tax laws in Grand Cayman are very favorable for the small investor. The government imposes no tax assessments or capital gains taxes, and if you decide to lease your property in the off-season, you’ll pay no tax on the income. The tax and land use regulations are especially friendly toward foreign investors.

2. Stability

The government and economy in Grand Cayman are some of the most even and stable in the world. It was originally a British territory, and although they are self-ruled, their laws and governing style is modeled on the Brits’ way of doing things. It’s also a society where people from all over the world live in harmony; you won’t find the social upheaval that you see in other island nations.


3. Location, Location, Location

Where else can you find a stable, peaceful and affordable tropical paradise that’s just a short boat ride away from the US mainland?

The key to investing in property in GC is to invest for pleasure, not for gain. RE/MAX Cayman Islands is an example of one of the many companies from the US mainland that can help you make your dreams of cheeseburgers in paradise come true. In the end, having a great life is all about quality. If you have the opportunity to grab your little piece of heaven, take it; you only live once.

New Residential Area

I did not know that the area under construction by Plano Parkway is a new residential place.  I only noticed it the other day when my daughter and I went to the mall in Plano to shop for a birthday gift for my MIL.

The brick walls are completed and the name of the neighborhood or housing area is already done.  It seems to me that the homes there is kind of costly because the area is few minutes a way from the shopping and business establishments.  I cannot wait to see the new homes there.  Well, I am nosy you know.  I want to see the neighborhood and the homes’ residential address plaques.  At all times, we get new ideas from just looking around.

Some homeowners want to get custom address plaques for their houses.  They want it to be unique and one of a kind.  It is always nice to have personalized address plaques outside.  I wonder how much the homes would cost there.

I Love Checking The Mail

While on my way home from work, I never fail to stop by the mailbox and check the mail. I am telling you I love checking the mail even if sometimes we get bills which we termed as ‘bad news’ 🙂 But I noticed our mailbox is getting worn out. My husband looked at it and said he might get a new one but not right now.

Residential Mailboxes are used at homes in neighborhoods everywhere. These mailboxes can be in different styles according to type or home theme. On the other hand, commercial mailboxes can be seen in all apartment complex. You can check online for designs that you might think will match your home style.

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