Let’s Do The Countdown

While waiting for my husband to come home, I will work on this tag I grab from Yen.

Participants: Me and Mine | Creative in Me | For the LOVE of Food | Little Peanut | Pea in a Pod | Kuting’s Place| You

Ten movies you’d watch over and over:
+ Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Pirates of the Caribbean , Breakfast at Tiffany’s , Pretty Woman, House of the Flying Daggers, Indiana Jones, Nemo, Harry Potter, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Dream Girls. :)

Nine people you enjoy the company of:
+ My husband, 3 siblings, parents, niece and nephews (3).

Eight things you’re wearing:
+ Shorts, t-shirt, slip ons, Victoria’s Secret, rings (2), hair pin, and earrings.

Seven things on your mind:
+ Hubby arriving tonight, dinner, laundry, watching tv, plant, dishes, mailbox

Six objects you touch every day:
+ My mobile phone, hair brush, tootbrush, house key, computer keyboard and mouse

Five things you do everyday:
+ tidy up the house, cook, blog, eat, and hang out

Four things that you see when you turn your head to the right:
+ my mobile phone, tv remote, camera, notebooks.

Three of your favorite things that are red color:
+ slip-ons, robe, and roses

Two people who have influenced your life the most:
+ My husband and my Tatay.

One person who has been nice to you today:
+ My husband…he’s always nice to me 🙂

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