Tips to Buy an Outboard Motor

An outboard motor or engine is one placed on the outside of the boat for easy removal and cleaning. Nowadays, Asian and American manufacturers are trying to make outboard engines for bigger, better and faster vehicles. You have many options to choose from online and in stores when looking for an outboard motor, in fact. Before buying, it is always in your best interest to do some research on the motor, and obviously, buyers should not settle for one that contains rust and other deposits. Know what it takes to buy the best outboard motor for your boating needs by learning more, below:

Make Sure it is Running

This tip seems too obvious, but many buyers forget this basic step and waste a lot of money. The first step is to buy a running motor, so they are encouraged to inspect the motor up close before buying it. Too many people buy an old motor because it is cheap, but they don’t always ensure that it works first, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap.

Buy the Right Model

Some motors are built only for specific boat models. As a buyer, you must look at the serial number to make the right match. Any engine could be too small or large for your boat. Some boats require a lot of power, so make sure that the motor is equipped for the tasks.

Check Out the Age

Check out the age of your motor. Know how long the owner used it and for what purposes. Checking the age is necessary to determine the amount of wear and tear. However, a young engine could have more wear and tear than a very old one.

Check Out the Condition

The condition of the engine is another factor that must be reviewed carefully before purchase. The conditions usually vary from poor to excellent. The best condition engines do not contain any rust, debris, marks or sludgy fluid deposits. However, if you have money, you can invest in professionals who do engine reconditioning work, should you decide on a motor that is of poorer condition. You do not want an engine that costs more than the boat, however. A boating mechanic is the best person to turn to for a careful analysis.

The outboard motor is necessary to power any boat that will travel a far distance. With the right engine, you can control the way that you steer the boat, how much power you give it and more. Retailers like Online Outboards offer outboard motors chosen by size, cost, model, steering and horsepower, number of cylinders and type of fuel. Working with a reputable company like this can ensure you choose the right motor for your boat.

Fun Activities To Do In Summer

There is not much you can do in the Spring when it comes to recreation.  But in the summer, everyone is very excited to be near the water or in the water.  Nothing beats the serenity and enjoyment you can get when vacationing at the beach or by the lake.

Since we are living close to the lakes here in Texas, here are few recreation ideas to do:

Boating – Some residents own a boat so whenever possible, they come to the lake for boating leisure.  Some go on a fishing adventure or just swim.

Camping – If you are adventurous, camping by the lake is also a nice outdoor activity.  This can be done with the family, friends, groups, or clubs.  It is always safe to camp with a company.

Picnic – There are picnic areas by the lake that people can take advantage with.  It’s always fun to hold picnics and summer parties at the lake.  Lots of tables and benches with roof are ready to occupy.  There are also trash cans provided so we can keep the picnic area and the lake clean at all times.

Jet Skiing – Those who own jet skis can do jet skiing, too.  It’s great to do in the hot summer sun.

Fishing – Besides boating, fishing is also a fun thing to do at the lake.  My husband and I are planning to go fishing this summer.  Fishing gears can be bought at your favorite sports and outdoors store.

Which Of These Docks Would You Consider To Build?

Boaters have a lot more options when it comes to building a dock, than they did in years past. The old standby, wood, has been joined by aluminum and now even plastics. Each has pros and cons affecting everything from immediate and long term costs, to aesthetic and style needs.

Wood docks are of course the original type that have been available for centuries. Aesthetically speaking, these docks have a rustic charm that can fit almost any setting. Wood is an affordable option that will last many years with proper care. That’s the key, though—proper care. Wood needs to be frequently repaired and treated with preservatives to maintain its usability and safety. Unfortunately some of these preservatives have been found to be problematic to marine life, leeching dangerous chemicals into the water. Wood will also eventually decay, and many docks are left in decay well past the time at which they are no longer safe.

Another option is aluminum. These metal docks are both durable and light, and offer an alternative look to wood. Aluminum must be well-maintained to prevent rust and decay, but the maintenance is generally far less involved than wood docks. Unfortunately for anyone leaning in the direction of aluminum as a choice, these metal docks can be significantly more expensive.

A newer option on the market is plastic docks, made of durable plastics. These modular blocks are designed with tread to prevent slipping, and additionally can be arranged in a wide array of configurations thanks to its modular nature. They’re easy to install and even significantly easier to remove when compared with wood or aluminum. Plastic floating docks can also be purchased in a variety of colors, from muted greys or browns to brighter colors like purple. When chosen with care and installed properly, plastic modular dock solutions can outlast any of the other varieties while remaining safe and attractive for a long time.

So while wood docks may have the charm of being a classic choice, the necessity for long term and proper upkeep can turn people on to the long term pros of metal docks. For others, the better option is definitely plastic docks, which are safe, relatively easy to care for, and easy to install or remove.