We Had A Great Weekend With The Mayon

What a wonderful travel experience we had in Legazpi City two days ago.  And it was a busy one, too.

We stayed in The Oriental Legazpi Hotel in Legazpi City, Albay.  I picked this hotel because it was featured in a travel show in the US.  In the show, they said that it’s a 5-star hotel.  Since we will be only be staying for a night in Legazpi City, I talked my husband into getting a room at The Oriental.  And also, as first time travelers in Bicol, I want us to have a very nice hotel for 2 days and one night accommodation.  I like the ambiance, I really do.  But there are some things we did not like while staying there.

1.  The hotel is located up hill.  You have to pass a neighborhood going up there which is kinda scary.

2.  Not too convenient to go downtown to get some personal needs.

3.  The service was satisfactory, but I think when it comes to the food, they should have more selection in the menu.

4.  Although we enjoyed the infinity swimming pool, it doesn’t have a heater.  I asked a staff if they can turn on the heater because it was kinda chilly that day and my little one was shivering in the water.  The staff said that the pool doesn’t have a heater (or maybe I was just misled by someone).

I guess there’s no need for a heater in summertime but on cold months like December and January, the hotel should have that equipment turned on only during cold season.

The Oriental Hotel Legazpi front desk.
Mountain view from the hotel room on the third floor.
Heading downtown. Workmen were fixing a power line.
The Cagsawa Church Ruins. It was very cloudy with rain showers so we couldn’t see the Mayon Volcano in the background that day.
Ready for a nice dinner and complete rest after a big day.
The Oriental Hotel Legazpi lobby
At the hotel terrace. A little breezy but feels really nice.
The dream has came true. Although it was a little chilly, we enjoyed the infinity pool at The Oriental Legazpi Hotel. The cone of the Mayon volcano’s beautiful cone was still covered by clouds.
Infinity and beyond. 🙂

We had a great time.  The visit with the sponsored child was successful and we got to see the beauty of the Mayon despite of the uncooperative weather.  Finally, we’ll get to have our long stretch of relaxation in this vacation.  Tomorrow we will fly to Leyte, and we will spend Christmas and New Year with my family.

First Time Travelers

I think my sister really enjoyed the trip to the Bicol Region this weekend as well as we did.  We were all first-time travelers there and I can say that it was a nice adventure even though the weather was not cooperating at times.  The flight from Manila to Legaspi was smooth although we were told that the weather in Legaspi was rainy.

Because my sister booked our domestic tickets via Cebu Pacific ahead of time, we did not have any problems or hassle checking in at the airport.  Our little traveler, darling daughter, was getting impatient that moment and she wanted to run around.  While waiting to get our baggage checked, we walked away from the crowd and let her entertained by the big Christmas decor at the passenger lounge.  On the plane to Legaspi, we four were ready to get there.  Besides the very affordable rates, Cebu Pacific departed on time with no problem.  The in-flight service was satisfactory.



The trip to Legaspi, Albay was only for two days and one night because we only visited my husband’s second sponsored child.  And we had to take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Mayon Volcano while we’re there.  The child lives in an island so she had to come over to the Children’s International office in Tabacco, which is located on the other side of the volcano and 30 minutes from Legaspi City, a day before the visit.

Upon our arrival at Legaspi City, my sister and darling daughter had their pictures taken at the airport.  Then a representative from the organization picked us up and took us directly to Tabacco to meet the sponsored child.
We had lunch at the child’s favorite restaurant (1st Colonial Grill) in Metro Gaisano Mall.  Of course their specialty was grilled foods.  But there were also a variety of choices.  From grilled chicken to Bicol Express, everything’s good.


Souvenir photo at Legazpi City airport

Then we head to shopping for the child’s needs.  After that, we went to the Cagsawa Church Ruins.  It was a very pretty place because you can actually see the majestic Mayon Volcano in the background.  But we did not see her that afternoon because it was very cloudy and a bit rainy.

Visiting in Albay for the first time.

We had a big long day.  After all the visiting and stuff, they drove us to the Oriental Hotel.  Then we called it a day!

Hotel Booking At The Oriental Legazpi Hotel

Okay.  So I am very busy with the preparation for our upcoming vacation.  Though my husband accomplished his task -book and buy the international tickets-a few important bookings or reservations have to be done.

As of this moment, I am communicating with the hotel staff of the Oriental Legazpi Hotel in the Philippines.  I am trying to book for an overnight stay at The Oriental Legazpi Hotel.  My husband watched a show on television (Filipino Channel) where it featured the hotel.  It is a 5-star hotel located in Legazpi, Albay that features the main attraction of the province, the beautiful Mount Mayon.  The volcano known for its perfect cone.

I visited and tried making a reservation on the hotel’s website.  It went great but the thing is, the deposit you make online which I believe is 10% of the total cost, is non-refundable regardless of changing the dates of stay.  So contacted their Manila office and I am currently making a reservation.  Hopefully I will be able to get a room for December.  We all know that it’s a high season so booking ahead of time has a big chance of getting a confirmation.  I think the hotel reservations staff is telling me that there is an available room on the date I provided.  Wonderful!  Our communication is thru email and I am confident that everything’s fine.

The reason why we are going to Albay is because we will be visiting my husband’s sponsored child.  As you know, my husband is sponsoring two Filipino children thru Children’s International.  He is supporting them since they were eight years old.  Now that they are turning 18, it is very important to be able to visit these kids.  Actually, we already visited the first one who lives in Manila when my husband and I were still dating.  That was five years ago.  The second one who is living in Albay will be visited for the first time during our vacation in December.  I am excited to meet her.  And, I am excited to see the Mount Mayon as well.