Senior Citizens Flying via Air Asia Domestic Flights

It’s a sad moment on my dad’s side of the family.  An older sister of him passed on few days ago.  It happened suddenly and unexpectedly.  My aunt was in great health the last time he saw her four years ago, when they had a siblings reunion.  Well, knowing my aunt, you cannot tell if she’s ill because she always had a very bubbly disposition.

We were shocked when my cousins told us their mom is gone.  They said she took a nap the afternoon of Friday, December 30 (same day she was taken to the hospital) and didn’t wake up since then until the doctor told the family that she didn’t make it.  They said her brain was swollen and she had a fever.  She was comatose.

My dad, his other sister (who lives in the southern part of Leyte), and my mom wanted to attend my aunt’s funeral.  My deceased aunt and her family lives in Caloocan City.  You can either go by bus, by a passenger vessel, or by an airplane.  The latter can take you there fast-about an hour and a half in the air.  My dad wanted to fly so I checked on available round trip domestic flights on right away.  It was a rush booking so ticket prices were high.  Being senior citizens, they got discounts on ticket price which is great.

When flights were booked and confirmed, I sent them pocket money and emailed the copy of the flight details and itinerary to my sister so she can give my parents copies, too.  Three senior citizens traveling by plane together, that’s a bit stressful on my side.  Good thing my mom knows how to use a smartphone.  Every time we chatted, I always remind her to keep their tickets and IDs in handy.  We communicated the whole time they were in the big city.  I worry about them so much especially when they are commuting in a crowded place.

My deceased aunt was laid to her final resting place.  It was an emotional day.  We know that she’s resting in peace now with her dear husband.

That was the first time I booked a flight with Air Asia.  I heard good feedback about them.  My parents were taken care of from baggage check in, to boarding, and check out.  The flights were on time.  That’s a big deal to me.

Great job, Air Asia.  Thanks for taking care of your passengers.  Keep up the good work.