What Are Your Fall Colors?

What are your Fall colors this year?  Mine are purple, black, and shades of green.  I have a purple handbag that I have been using since 2009.  I bought it when I was working in a department store :).

My footwear for the season are flats.   My favorite is my dark brown leather doll shoes from two years ago.  To me, flat shoes are convenient especially for quick dress ups.  You just have to slip your feet in them and there you go!

My sense of style with fashion is not as intense and good as others.  But I am dressing up for comfort and for my own personality.  For those of you who are trying to make your own style, be yourself.  Consider the things that inspire you to develop a good sense of style in fashion.  Simplicity is beauty.  But with a little enhancement, it is more beautiful.

The Way To Success Is Personality Development And Good Grooming

I always believe in personality development and image building. Working in an industry where pleasant appearance is a requirement needs a serious thought. Working professionals should know this.

When I was in college, one of my favorite subject is Corporate Image Building. I took Office Management course. The course motivates us to land a career in management job opportunities or become a secretary. I agree with the subject’s concept, developing oneself professionally in terms of good grooming and personality development. As professionals, we should set an example in having a pleasing personality.

According to a survey, a big percentage of well-groomed employees get the advantage of making it to the top of their career, getting noticed by the employers to step ahead of their job positions. Meaning, a well-groomed job seeker has more chances of landing a job than those who are not well-groomed individual. Same as a with a well-presentable employee. He/she has the potential of stepping the high ladder of success on his/her career.

The reference to this information can be found in Gillette Resource Center where the surveys from career experts are detailed. Men and women can share their opinion or make a review on these surveys. HR (Human Resource) can attest to this information because they have the analysis on this matter. If you want to get help on landing a job immediately and more career advice, grab the Gillette Career Advantage and get ahead!

This is a very good guide for job seekers.

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Fragrance Collection

Besides purses, clothing and shoes, I am also into perfume collection. Actually, I started with my collection last year. It does not matter if the fragrances come in small bottles. As long as I like them, I will get them. But I am picky with the scents.

You know, wearing a perfume gives additional glow to a woman’s personality. Online perfume stores have plenty of designer fragrances for men and women on sale. Shop for Eu de toilette or Parfum, your choice. A couple of the perfumes in my collection are designers’. I bought one for my mother-in-law last month and she liked it.

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