Father’s Day Gift

It is Father’s Day. I bet everybody was very busy shopping for gifts for Dads yesterday. It was pretty much busy for us in the customer service at work yesterday. A bunch of gift wraps from customers arrived until eight o’clock in the evening. Good thing we were two on duty for the night shift.

What I got for my father? I bought him a bottle of men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein. Since I have discount benefit in the store, I used my store credit card to purchase a perfume for him. I am very much sure my father will like the gift I bought.

Happy Father’s Day Tatay!

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Fragrance Collection

Besides purses, clothing and shoes, I am also into perfume collection. Actually, I started with my collection last year. It does not matter if the fragrances come in small bottles. As long as I like them, I will get them. But I am picky with the scents.

You know, wearing a perfume gives additional glow to a woman’s personality. Online perfume stores have plenty of designer fragrances for men and women on sale. Shop for Eu de toilette or Parfum, your choice. A couple of the perfumes in my collection are designers’. I bought one for my mother-in-law last month and she liked it.

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Mom Liked It!

Sunday morning while in the middle of breakfast preparation, I gave Mom her birthday gift-the Elizabeth Arden’s new fragrance called “Pretty”. She liked it. It has a light and attractive smell. I wrapped it myself in a pretty Springy gift wrap. Even Dad commented on the smell when Mom sprayed some on her.

Also, I brought Mom and my sister-in-law the scented candles (one is for my sister-in-law) I bought few weeks ago. The candle matches with Mom and Dad’s new painted beautiful bathroom.

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