Thanksgiving Surprise From PPP

When I started blogging I was inspired by the people in the blogosphere who are earning online with their blogs. I said to myself, “Why not?” I can write articles and I am learning as days go by. So far I think I am doing a good job with my set-up blogs as far as making money online is concerned. Though there are more opportunities out there that I have not came across with yet, in time I will. For now I am so happy to take the opportunity triple P has given me for putting back my blog again in their system. I really appreciate this early Thanksgiving surprise.

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Approved and Paid

It is great to see good news in my inbox. Today I got email from Payperpost (PPP) notifying me that one of my sponsors sent their payment to Paypal. It is my first payment received and I am so happy. I got paid for my hard work in blogging. I would like to thank my generous sponsors and I am hoping for more opportunities from them in the future.

By the way, thanks to PPP for the quick approval of my posts again today. I am proud to tell everyone that PPP recognized me as one of their outstanding Postie. Sign up for PPP now and have fun blogging and earning.

This is not a sponsored post.
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Thanks So Much to PPP

I got an approval notice again from Payperpost (PPP) for my two posts this week. That was so quick! That is why I am enjoying and so inspired about my blogging. Of course, I greatly appreciate my new found friends here in the blogosphere. And for those who wants to join us in PPP, kindly fill-up the form below. It is totally free to sign up for PPP. By the way, I have other posts waiting to get approval soon.

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