Happy With The Result Of My Party Planning

Until now, I cannot get over thinking about how successful my youngest sister’s 18th birthday party was.  I did most of the organization thru the Internet and mobile phone.  Though the resort hotel in Ormoc City does not have an ‘active’ email.  My time was consumed contacting them by cell phone.  It was a pain but I was indeed happy with the result of my party planning.

I made it sure that everything was well taken care of.  From the party decor to the confirmation of the party room, all were fine.  I was only concerned on one thing-the event signage.  The resort hotel staff assured me that their party rooms have enclosed bulletin boards.  So all the events are well posted.  They also have enclosed cork bulletin boards with  stands placed outside the party rooms so the guests are cordially guided.  That was really impressive though.

Enclosed fabric bulletin boards are available also.  But I preferred the cork bulletin board.   My family, my sister and her guests had a wonderful time at the party.  I wish we were there too.

Planning A Pool Party At Sabin Resort

My sister will be celebrating her birthday next month.  We will be organizing a simple yet a special treat for her because it will be the beginning of her journey to adulthood.  Yes, she is turning 18.

We are planning for a pool party.  And my sister likes that.  I already booked a room at Sabin Resort Hotel.  The resort is about 10 minutes Southeast of Ormoc City Proper depending on traffic.  It has been the family’s traditional venue for special events.  Up to now, the room rates remain affordable.   They have swimming pool for adults and kids too.  The newly built function hall can accommodate up to 100 guests.  Sabin Resort Hotel also has function rooms which can accommodate 30-50 people.  They serve great foods according to guests’ preference.  If I have to rate the customer service from 1 to 10, I say 6.  My rating is based from our stay two years ago.  Sabin Resort Hotel is a memorable place for me because it’s where my husband gave his marriage proposal to me.

Anyway,I hope everything will go as planned so my sister’s party will be memorable for her too.  The resort is very accommodating when it comes to ambiance.  I bet she and her guests will have great fun on her birthday.