No Need To Travel Far For Your Next Special Event

Summer is not only the time for outdoor fun.  It is also time for parties!  Yay!  I got lots of invitation from family friends to gatherings.  In fact, my June and July weekends are booked.  Haha!  That’s alright.  My husband knows about it.

This coming weekend is the birthday party for my girl friend.  She wants it to be a fun in the sun type of party.  But the dinner will be in a clubhouse.  Well, I know that organizing a party like birthdays, debut, family reunions, and even company parties are tedious.  The venue should be convenient for the guests to reach.  Then if the venue is set, the banquet hall should be spacious to accommodate all the guests.  There is no need to travel far to look for a place where to hold your party or gatherings.  Just find local business listing online and you will be guided with a good amount of information.

My girl friend has everything set up for her party on Saturday. It will be an all-girls event.  I haven’t been to an outdoor party before.  Hopefully, I will not get drunk so my husband will not get mad at me.  Just kidding.  He’s fine.  I will just call him when it is time for me to go home so he’ll pick me up.

Luncheon In Richardson

Besides Father’s Day, this month is a very special month for the family because my husband’s niece got married recently – last week.  But before the wedding day, my husband’s mom, my sister-in-law and me hosted a luncheon honoring the bride the day before the big day.

My sister-in-law found a small cafe in Campbell Road in Richardson called Chocolate Angel Cafe.  The specialty of the cafe is mostly pastries.  But their chicken salad surely was yummy!

Chocolate Angel Cafe in Campbell Road, Richardson

My mom-in-law was kind of worried because the cafe is not openly visible on the road.  She thought the guests will get confused with the address place on the luncheon invitations.  Well, with the use of the GPS, people can go anywhere they want.  The invitations were sent two weeks before the lunch date.  One of the bridesmaids, actually she’s the Maid Of Honor, was out-of-State for her own wedding too.  So we had to schedule the get-together the day before the wedding.  Gladly, everybody came to the luncheon.  The bride was very happy and appreciative with everything that the family and friends is giving her.

Preparing the party invitations requires lots of finalization.  The host or hosts must pick a date the would likely convenient for the guests.  Usually, the event is held on the weekend.  Most people are off on weekends so a special invitation can be inserted to their schedule of appointments. One of the hardest part is looking for a venue.  In our bride’s situation, only a few lives in the Dallas.  Most of us live outside Dallas.  So we had to look for a restaurant or cafe in the middle.  Richardson was the perfect place.  The bride sounded very excited at the luncheon.  She cannot wait to be wed to her boyfriend.  I know how it feels like.  Her wedding was simple and very solemn.

So if there is an upcoming get-together in your family or circle of friends, Chocolate Angel Cafe in Richardson, Texas is the place to go.

Chocolate Angel Cafe For All Girls Party

If you are having a small simple all-girls party, I recommend the Chocolate Angel Cafe in Richardson, Texas to be the place for the special event.

Located in 635 West Campbell Road #310  Richardson, Texas the cafe is the perfect venue for a small gathering like birthday, luncheon, and tea parties.  They mainly offer pastries like cookies, cakes, and brownies.  But they also serve entrees.  The staff is friendly and attentive.  To-go orders are also entertained.

My sisters-in-law busy preparing for the party

I mentioned here that there’s a special occasion-my husband’s niece wedding.  Aside from the bridal shower thrown few weeks ago, we hosted a special luncheon for her and her bridesmaids.  It was a nice party and the bride was very happy.  My sister-in-law thought Chocolate Angel Cafe is perfect for the event.  And it was.

A huge plate of fruit and chicken salad
For dessert, is a big slice of chocolate fudge cake. Yummy!

My in-laws and I were satisfied because the luncheon went great.  We made the bride feel very special on her big day.  One thing is for sure, I will be coming back to Chocolate Angel Cafe.  If not for a party, it will be for a special family treat.