Fabulous Like A VIP

Just a few weeks ago I attended a friend’s birthday party held at a restaurant and bar.  It was a themed party called Fabulous in Pink where all the guests have to wear pink.  Everyone looked fabulous in their outfits.  That was the very first time I drove by myself at night time on the Interstate Highway.  I got to enjoy the evening with the ladies-dancing, singing, and eating.  I didn’t drink because I had to drive.

Another great thing about this party was, someone rented a party vehicle that took us girls to the restobar.  Riding in it for the very first time, I felt like a VIP (Very Important Person).  We had fun chatting, cracking jokes, laughing…etc.

I thought renting a party vehicle like a limo or a party bus is a good idea for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, proms, homecoming, and graduation.  If celebrating with a big group, a party bus is ideal.  When I asked if the rental cost a fortune, that person said that the party bus San Diego rates differ and depends on the distance, group, and the type of the vehicle to be rented.  Cool!

So if you are planning to have a fabulous party, consider renting a party bus or limo.

Trends for Decorating Large Venues London

If you are thinking of hiring a large venue in London for any occasion, whether it is a party or a wedding, then you will need to decorate it to your tastes, style, the theme of the party and the latest trends. This is not as easy as it sounds. Decorating a large space can be a challenge because there is such a big area to adorn. This article will enlighten you to the current top trends for decorating large venues London.

First and foremost, you need to try and create the illusion that the room is more intimate than it appears. Usually, large venues have extremely high ceilings and you can create an illusion that they are not as high up as they seem by playing around with adornments and decorations. One of the best ways to do this is through using tall plants and even trees to decorate the venue. Additionally, if you are hosting an event where guests are going to be sitting down, then tall table centre pieces are a great way to make the area seem closer together.

When it comes to the actual decorating of your venue, you need to think of a colour scheme, which is exciting and reflects your personality yet, at the same time, blends together perfectly. If you are going for a soft and elegant effect, then opt for pastel colours such as rose, cream, ivory, mint green and pale blue. If you want to go for something bold, then opt for bright or harsh colours such as red, orange, black, bright yellow and fuchsia pink. The colour scheme you go for plays a massive role in determining the overriding vibe and feeling of the event.

Another great way to get the very best out of the large venues London is by dividing it up into sections via the use of screening and alike. By dividing your venue up, you make it look more interesting and intriguing. You can corner off an area for dancing as well as a space for drinks. By utilizing and sectioning effectively you can turn a dull and boring room into something unique and striking. However, it is important to acknowledge that sectioning does not mean cutting off an area entirely. After all, you do not want your guests to be separated from one and other.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to decorating is that you can follow all of the latest trends in the world but if you do not go for something, which suits you, your personality and your tastes, then it will show. An event is the perfect chance to showcase who you are and what you love, take it as an opportunity to display your creative flair.

All in all, if you follow these decorating tips, then I am sure you will get the very best out of the large venues London and provide people with an interesting and stunning place to enjoy a memorable and exciting occasion.

Great Time At The Lake

Well oh well.  Summer has officially started.  Swimming pools, lakes, and water parks are getting busy again.  Inflatable pools and swimming gears are highly in-demand.  And splashing in the water is very inviting.  Summer fun is on!

Speaking of splashing in the water, my friends had a great time at the lake today.  It’s my friend’s birthday today and she liked it to be held in the park at the lake like last year’s.  Though everyone was sweating to the triple digit temperature this afternoon, the breeze helped cooling us down a bit.

We were at Collin Park Marina.  It is located in Wylie, Texas and one of the most visited parks in Wylie.  There’s a boat ramp, restaurants, and gift shops in the Marina.  You can reserve pavilion for special events.  Camping, boating, and other outdoor activities can be done at the park and lake.  Entrance is $2.00 per person and $2.00 per vehicle.  The parking area close to the dock/boat ramp is strictly for boat owners only.  As what I have noticed, there are picnic cottages by the lake but looks like they are not well-maintained.  If you are planning for a picnic by the lake in the park, having it under the tree is better.  Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the park.  But you can drink only inside the restaurant.

We had a great time.  Birthday + Food + Sun + Lake + Friends = Fun!

Heading to the restaurant-Collin Park Marina
View from under the tree-Collin Park Marina