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New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Happy New Year 2017 Celebration

Happy New Year!!!

Shooting fireworks on New Year’s Eve celebrating the new year’s with family and friends at our place.

We’re Home For The 4th Of July

I hope y’all had a great American Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July. I know that most of us were traveling and on vacation.  And watching fireworks display in famous landmarks around the country was irresistible.  Some of you who stayed home to celebrate the special occasion with family and friends, I bet had a great time like me.

My family and I just came back from our mini-vacation on July 2nd.  We only had a day to buy food and prepare for the 4th of July party in our home.  But my husband and I were calm and got everything.  Even we were tired from all the traveling, we were able to accommodate our guests on the 4th of July.  🙂  We shot fireworks and everyone had a great time visiting and celebrating America’s Independence Day.

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Traveling To Turkey

Special occasion shouldn’t be missed especially if it is our loved ones’ or a friend’s.  Most of us give a big deal on events like Holidays, weddings, and birthdays.  We prepare a lot to the best of our ability to make these occasions memorable and enjoyable.

Besides these special days, big achievements are worth celebrating too.  Job promotion, graduation, and milestones are some of the achievements that shouldn’t not be taken for granted.  These, too, are celebrated with pride.  One of my close friends just had a party for her job promotion two weeks ago.  She is now a supervisor in the company she’s working for and will be going to Turkey for a month-long training.  My friend’s very happy with her career and she is also excited about her traveling to Turkey.  Of course, as her friend, I am happy for her too.

Her sister-in-law suggested to hire a limo bus for the celebration.  That was the very first time we’ve been in a vehicle like that.  It was a surprise.  My friend couldn’t get over it.  We partied in the vehicle.  I think it accommodates 30 passengers but we’re only like 15.  Talks and lots of laughter filled the air.  I thought party buses are only for rich and famous.  We had a great time and wished Amy the best in her new position in the company.  And of course, a safe travel to Turkey.


Fabulous Like A VIP

Just a few weeks ago I attended a friend’s birthday party held at a restaurant and bar.  It was a themed party called Fabulous in Pink where all the guests have to wear pink.  Everyone looked fabulous in their outfits.  That was the very first time I drove by myself at night time on the Interstate Highway.  I got to enjoy the evening with the ladies-dancing, singing, and eating.  I didn’t drink because I had to drive.

Another great thing about this party was, someone rented a party vehicle that took us girls to the restobar.  Riding in it for the very first time, I felt like a VIP (Very Important Person).  We had fun chatting, cracking jokes, laughing…etc.

I thought renting a party vehicle like a limo or a party bus is a good idea for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, proms, homecoming, and graduation.  If celebrating with a big group, a party bus is ideal.  When I asked if the rental cost a fortune, that person said that the party bus San Diego rates differ and depends on the distance, group, and the type of the vehicle to be rented.  Cool!

So if you are planning to have a fabulous party, consider renting a party bus or limo.