Our First Trip To The Dallas Zoo

Last Sunday was our Dallas Zoo trip with brother-in-law and his wife.  It was a good time to visit the zoo because the weather was pleasant.  Dallas Zoo is located in downtown Dallas, Texas.  It was the very first time me and darling daughter had gone to the Dallas Zoo.  It is the oldest and the largest zoological park in Texas.

Welcome to Dallas Zoo!
Welcome to Dallas Zoo!

Cooler months of the year is the perfect time to visit the zoo.  You will actually feel comfortable walking around the place for sightseeing for hours.  So wearing tennis shoes or comfort shoes is recommendable.  One thing my DD asked me during our tour is food.  Good thing I brought her lunch bag full of snacks with drinks – juice and water.  We sat down on a bench somewhere and I let her eat.  Then we head on after.  It is also recommendable to bring some snacks that your kids like.  Though there is a restaurant in the zoo where you can buy full meals too, it is good to take something that you and your kids can munch on quickly.

Going to see the giants of the Savanna.  Dallas Zoo in Dallas, Texas.

DD’s favorite at the zoo is seeing the giraffes.  She didn’t care about the Kangaroos and monkeys.  She was looking for the giraffes so went to see them at the Giants Of The Savanna.  She was so amazed how tall they were in person.  There’s a monorail and Mary-go-’round.  My favorite was seeing the lions and tigers.  They’re so beautiful.

His majestic portrait.
His majestic portrait.
The beautiful female lion.
So tall and big.
The giants of the Savanna.

According to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, the Dallas Zoo looked different now.  They haven’t been there for years so it has changed.  Some of the areas have been renovated and remodeled.  The park is clean and easy to navigate.  We really had a wonderful time.  DD had fun with aunt and uncle.

Waiting for her turn to ride the Mary-go-'round
Waiting for her turn to ride the Mary-go-’round

For ticket inquires and hours of operation, kindly check the information below:

Dallas Zoo
650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203
(469) 554-7500


Just Relaxing At The Park

Relaxing at the park can be a part of your weekly travels.  Taking your family to the park for a walk in the trails or your kids to play in the playground is a big contribution to spending quality time with them.

I love going to parks.  In fact, I enjoy walking and feeding the ducks.  One afternoon my husband took me to a park in Fort Worth and I didn’t know  that it’s alright to feed the ducks and geese.  We brought the left over bread and pinch them to pieces as we tossed those to the ducks.  Then we went for a walk on the trails and back.  It was very peaceful in the park – feeling the cool breeze and hearing the singing of the birds.  Green everywhere.  Clear blue skies and the bright sun bring cheer and enlightenment to the heart and mind.

After the wandering around, my husband and I went to Chilli’s for dinner.

I missed those simple weekend travels.  Just the two of us.  Now, there’s a little one who travels with us wherever we roam.  Everything changes when you have a child even the travel plans.

The romantic geese.
Bicycle trails.
Birds and ducks by the bank.