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Celebrating A Promotion

Outback Steak House Restaurant-Plano

Outback Steak House Restaurant-Plano

It’s a great start of 2015 for us.  Me and the whole family were so proud because my dear husband to promoted again at work.  He is now second to the highest position in his department.  We’re very thankful for the blessings and for the manner that his hard work is recognized.  We went to see the folks in January to celebrate my birthday, and together with that, we also celebrated my hubby’s promotion.  We went to Shogun Restaurant and Grill in Tyler.

And for the second celebration, we went to Outback Steak House Restaurant in Plano.  We used the gift card that I have won from a game at a Christmas Party.  It’s odd because Outback Steak House doesn’t open until after noon.  They are not open at lunch time.  The food was okay.  The ones we got were a little salty.  So my rating for them is 3.5 stars.

What is this for?

What is this for?

My husband and I haven’t been to Outback Steak House before, so we were expecting that they’ll have great food.  I am just wondering why they’re not open at lunch time though.  I guess they have more customers in the evening.

Celebrating Milestones At Shogun Steak & Hibachi Grill

It’s the NFL Super Bowl XLIX today (Super Bowl 49)!  It’s the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks competing for the Championship.  Some of my friends are hosting a Super Bowl Party today.  I am not really interested into watching the Football sport…or any sports unless it is the Olympic Games.

Shogun Restaurant in Tyler, TX

Shogun Restaurant in Tyler, TX

So where are we right now?  We are at the folks’ house visiting.  We took them out to dinner last night for a double celebration – my birthday and my husband’s promotion at work.  Congratulations, honey!  Cheers to me!  Hahaha.  We talked about taking Mom and Dad to Shogun Steak & Hibachi Grill because I thought it would be a great place to celebrate our milestones.  If I remember it right, we also celebrated my birthday here five years ago.  So it has been a long while and now we’re back to Shogun.  And, we thought our toddler would enjoy watching the cooks cook the food in front of us.


New Adventures And Goals In 2015

Happy New Year!  Another year is here.  New adventures and traveling experiences are ahead.  I hope and pray that 2015 will bring us nice things to encounter.  Blessings may overflow in our homes.  How was your New Year’s Eve celebration? Did you travel or just stayed home?  As for my household, we just stayed home like we always do every new year.  We didn’t have company this time because of the major repair done in our house. We didn’t do lots of fireworks, also.  We just lit up a few sparklers left over from the 4th of July.  We let our darling daughter do it because she loves fireworks.  It was super cold outside last night anyway.

Sparks.  Happy New Year!

Sparks. Happy New Year!

As per new goals and plans, I am hoping that all of our endeavors will come true and fulfilled with flying colors.

I have so many plans for this year include:

Vacation to my home country in the Fall

Apply for Naturalization

Accomplish the process of Land Title Transfer

Assist my sister with Job Hunting

Focus on teaching my daughter in preparation for school next year

Sell more on eBay

Save more for future travels and vacations

Hopefully, my husband and I will be able to handle and accomplish most of these goals.  I know he works very hard.  And my share on these is to keep my time precious because time flies by like an arrow.  And we can’t turn it back as soon as it passes.  Time is gold.  With God’s grace, I know we can manage and achieve all our goals.

How about you?  What are your goals this year?

Again, happy New Year.  Wishing you all the best.  Cheers!

Snowy Day

It was snowing on my birthday.

It was snowing on my birthday.

I remember few years ago we went to Oklahoma to celebrate my birthday.  It was cold and snowing that day.  It was pretty white all over the place.  I had a great time and so is my husband.  We both enjoy having some little entertainment in Oklahoma.  I think it became a tradition that we go there on a personal special occasion like our birthdays and wedding anniversary.

I like road trips.  I enjoy sightseeing as well.  When we stay at hotels, I like looking at paintings and fixtures.  I admire how the interiors are done and how beautiful the surroundings is.  Pardon me if I sound ambitious but, I love traveling and staying in luxury hotels.