10 Baby Sleep Solutions

It’s 3 am, and you would literally give up an arm (okay, maybe just a finger), if your baby would just sleep. You are doing the same trick you usually do, but it is just not working. Well, sometimes, you need to get creative. There are times I have literally worked my way through 10 tricks before one worked. It is all about trial and error, and what works today may not work tomorrow.

1.  Avoid Eye Contact – Babies are very stimulated by prolonged eye contact. So, this should be avoided while calming him when he wakes up or putting him to bed.

2.  Room Temperature – Experts recommend keep the room between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a couple degrees either way can wake a baby from a sound sleep. If the nursery is furthest from the thermostat, put a thermometer in the room. A space heater or fan can help regulate the temperature.

3.  Soothing Sound – It is no secret that babies love soothing sounds and white noise. In utero your baby was constantly soothed by your heart beat and digestive noises. I recommend a wall-mounted fountain. The sound of cascading water will soothe both you and your baby. You can get one from online stores such as LuxeWaterWalls.com.

4.  Bedtime Routine – Having a bedtime routine will allow his internal clock to naturally calm him down. Reading a book, giving a warm bath, or singing a lullaby will help, if you’re consistent.

Reading a book before bedtime has become our habit.
Reading a book before bedtime has become a habit at home and away from home.

5.  Swaddling – Some parents swear by turning a baby into a burrito. When your baby was in your womb, he was tightly packed, so swaddling duplicates that experience.

6.  The Drive-by – When you pass another car driving at 10 miles per hour in your neighborhood at 2 am, there is a good chance it’s another parent trying to get their baby to fall asleep. There is just something about a car ride that works.

7.  Hair Dryer – Call it quirky, but when it works for you, you’ll never look at another hair dryer the same way. Turning a hair dryer on will become a favorite tip in the winter, when you have to get out of your warm bed. The hot air will help warm you up.

8.  Overnight Diapers – If you were in a wet diaper, you would probably wake up and be miserable, too. Super absorbent overnight diapers are well worth the money spent on them.

9.  Massage – The University of Miami Touch Research Institute states that babies who receive a 15-minute massage before bed fall asleep faster.

10.  Natural PJs – Babies have such delicate skin that a fabric that seems acceptable to you can feel like sandpaper to them. Natural fibers are recommended over synthetic ones.

Organic Infant Formula

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