Selling Old Items Can Be A Source Of Income

For reasonable reasons, getting engaged into earning extra money online is a good opportunity. I am considering the idea of selling on eBay. I read articles sharing tips on how to sell and how to become a power seller on eBay. Though there are hundreds of thousand items for sale on the Internet, sellers are still gaining sales everyday from customers worldwide.

Besides, not all items for sale is brand new. Most of them are second-hand merchandise that is why the prices are more affordable. This sounds good. Instead of throwing away the used or unused stuff in the house to the trash, why not think of selling them? Each of us has an unique possession that we do not need in the house. There are people who like to buy unique things on sale. They find those interesting.

In fact, selling or trading (either local or international) can be a part time source of income. There are millions of shoppers all over the world. They shop online for great buys to save them money and for convenience also. I have some stuff in the house that I want to sell online. First thing I have to do is to set-up my store and learn more about selling on eBay. It would be of great help. If my honey asked where is my old stuff, I will say I sold it on eBay :).

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First Job In America

Yes I had to wake up 6:30 in the morning today. It is my first day at work in Dillard’s’s in the customer service department. The store is so busy since it is the Black Friday holiday shopping day. My new co-worker said the customers were there so early at 4:00 A.M. waiting for the mall to open. Huge sale and discount promotions happening in all the stores. There is nothing much to do so I am assigned to wrap some gifts. And boy, it was new experience. I was never been good at gift wrapping. Today I learned how to wrap gifts neatly, making them look elegant and presentable. And I made ribbon too! I wrapped a total of four items:

1. Long-sleeved Sweat Shirt (Men)
2. Coat, scarf, winter gloves, GC (Women)
3. Gold bracelet (Women)
4. Fossil Wallet (Men)

I noted these items as reference for gift ideas.

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I Am Getting The Funds

My blog is now nearly three months old and I can say that I am earning with it. I already have the earnings in my Paypal account for the month of August: from PPP=$170.95, BBR=$9.10, iHype=$45.00. I decided to get the funds to shop for pasalubong (gifts) for my family back home this coming holiday season. At least, I am using my earnings for a good purpose. I am so thankful for the blessings.

For bloggers who want to enjoy earning while blogging, feel free to navigate below my page and join me here.

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