Something Portable And Beautiful Gift Is Arriving Tomorrow

Something beautiful is arriving tomorrow. It is a gift. The gift from my hard work of making money online. I am so proud about getting this thing because, I can say, I achieved one of my dreams.

I ordered a laptop eBay. This is what I am expecting to arrive tomorrow. Since we will be traveling to the Philippines for a vacation next month, I want to have something to use conveniently in doing my blogging and online jobs while I am abroad. I do not think we will have enough time to go to an Internet cafe in the evenings. We would rather spend our nights going to places like the city plaza, restaurants, and the bay.

I cannot wait to get everything set up in my laptop. With proper caring and handling, hopefully, my new gadget will last many many years.

Oh, by the way, I want to thank Ms. Lisa C. from Kentucky who helped me buy the laptop. More blessings for you Ms. Lisa! I highly appreciate your kindness.

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Do You Feel Lucky?

When I joined the blogosphere, I was hesitant about the thought of earning extra income online. Some newly friends I met from the online community encouraged me to try blogging. So I did. It happened to be very interesting. I got a lot of assistance and advice while working on promoting my blogs. I am so thankful to everyone who helped me set up my blogs. And during the year, making money opportunities are always coming to me. There are ups and downs but I keep striving. Even if I only get a few bucks a month, it is still a blessing.

Well, in celebration of my first anniversary in blogging, I will heartily give away $35.00 (thru PayPal) to the lucky participant here. The winner will be chosen randomly. Simple entry instructions are listed below:

1. Please post and tweet about this contest of mine. = 2 entries
2. Leave your post entry in the comment section of this post. = 1 entry
3. Subscribe to Workplace On The Web. = 2 entries
4. Follow me on Twitter. = 2 entries

There are total of seven (7) entries for each participant. So EASY right?

DO NOT FORGET: The deadline is on June 30, 2009 at 12:00 midnight Central Time (USA). Good luck and thank you in advance!

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Earning Online: April 2009

Okay.   It is time for me to do some extra income recording again. For the month of April, there was a couple of jobs that I have declined because of irrelevant topics. I feel sad but I have to. I have to keep the wholesomeness of my website. This year is quite tough for me in making money online. Even so, diligence and patience work for me. In this situation, Google has been good to my Websites. And I will always be thankful for getting these monthly blessings.

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