Know Me

One way to get along with people is to know them well. In this manner, we will understand what is their personality and attitude. Of course, we don’t want to get into their personal lives unless they open up. And respect is a major thing. Anyways, I want to share a few information about me that, I hope, you will find interesting.

Well I was tagged again. I love that!!! This time was by my friend Deborah Katy

Here are the rules:

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1 – WORK: I worked in a photo center, fast food, travel agency, and NGO

2 – EDUCATION: I took up Office Management in a computer school

3 – FRIENDSHIP: I treasure good friends…true and supportive because I am one too.

4 – RELATIONSHIPS: Have had boyfriends but I am in love with my husband right now.

5 – WWW: My second world. Everything here interests me and I am learning.

6 – FITNESS: I love to eat!!! I love coffee and chocolates. But I do exercise and rest.

7 – DREAMS: To help anyone I can. I want to have a happy family life and to have my own business someday.

So I pass this on to Sweetpinay, Concealedmind, Bregie, and Shawie.

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Lovely Red Roses For Me

It feels so wonderful knowing somebody cares for you. The way that a person expresses love and affection means so much. And I love it when my husband expresses his sweetness to me. Friday night he came home with a bunch of red roses. Ever since he knew that roses are my favorite flowers. There is no price for the happiness I am feeling right now. It is incomparable. The roses and his sweetness comforted me as I was starting to feel awful that day because of the PMS.

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Prayer: The Daily Habit

I appreciate Enday for this tag..
I want you to pray this prayer, “Oh God My Father I love u and I need u…come into my heart and bless me today and everyday of my life. May your love and the Holy Spirit shines upon us. Amen.”

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