Laptop Storage

These days, my husband works a little while at home in the evening.  He brings home his office laptop.  His company is currently in a big project.  And the deadline of accomplishment has been scheduled so employees have to work on their respective assignments.

I visit my husband at his office often times.  The workplace is very quiet and, seems like, they have a friendly environment.  Well, software engineers work quietly you know.  Each employee has a laptop.  What’s neat is that there is a laptop storage in the office.  For big software and computer companies, an equipment like that is very beneficial.  I wonder if it can also be used as a laptop cart.

Laptop carts are cabinet-like designed equipment or fixture where you can store your laptops and notebooks in one place.  It can be powered or non-powered.

Laptop From eBay

After days of waiting, my purchased laptop has arrived. I bought a slightly used Dell laptop from eBay. It doesn’t matter. What matters to me is there’s Windows XP Pro installed and complete MS Office with Wi-Fi available.

The purpose is to use the laptop while I am on a travel. My husband gave me his ‘okay’ when I told him the reason.

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You Can Still Work On Your Online Jobs While Abroad

The gift has arrived. I am very glad that the delivery did not take to long like the other orders I did online.

Yes! My laptop has arrived. FedEx’s two-day delivery satisfies me and, of course, the seller whom I bought this gadget from. Now I can start setting up the Internet for travel use. My husband likes the Windows XP better and he is happy that the laptop has it. Also, the Microsoft Office programs are installed. With my laptop, I can still work on my online jobs while abroad.

Now, my husband is interested of buying a laptop too…for testing use on his side job. Well, who would not buy a very inexpensive laptop like this? It only cost me $ 179.00 with FREE shipping. A tech savvy gift for myself.

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