Sweet Touch Down, November Schedule, Jet Lag Mode

The flight was smooth and safe. Korean Air did a sweet, smooth touch down at DFW airport yesterday morning. We were blessed with a pleasant weather during the trip. My in-laws picked us up from the airport.

After eating a big lunch at Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant, we went to the store to get my work schedule for next month. I knew my system password expired but I still tried to log on. My manager was off to lunch so the store head helped me reset my password. I was able to get in to the system. I thought I had to work on Monday but my manager had me off for three days, which is good because I need to catch up a lot of rest. My husband and I are very thankful to have three days off.

Flying from the other side of the world (crossing the international dateline) messes up your body clock. It is going to be a tough week for us at work, feeling weird the whole week because of jet lag, but this is it. Now that we are back, catching up with sleep is important. We have to be well-rested when we get back to work.

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Waiting For The Tickets

Yes. The travel dates are fixed. I am going home for a vacation. And I am waiting for the tickets in the mail. My husband booked the flights with Korean Air and bought the tickets yesterday. I am so happy! This time my husband and I are traveling together. It is going to be pretty enjoyable.

My first international air travel was exciting, I must say. I never thought I will fly to Texas to be with my husband. ‘Have been looking at other airlines’ routes and rates but I have not seen the itinerary that I wanted. When I learned that Korean Air flies to Texas, I found the convenient route to Texas. Then I booked the flight that will arrive in the morning. It was the very first time I stepped foot in Seoul, Korea. There was no hassle at the airport and on the plane. The food selection on board is delicious, well-balanced and healthy. Additionally, the flight crew was awesome. The arrival in Dallas-Fort Worth was on time. I will always treasure the excellent travel experience I had with Korean Air.

You should fly fly Korean Air because their service is accommodating and comfortable. With their reasonable rates and convenient flight schedules, you will definitely experience the excellence in flight with Korean Air.

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Who Says We Cannot Afford Travel And Tours?

A vacation is totally the most wonderful thing a person could give to himself. Everybody needs a vacation. Working in a stressful job, I bet you want to go somewhere…escape from the tiring environment for a while…or a family getaway on special occasion. That would be good.

I know traveling is expensive. There is airfare (if air travel is preferred), hotel accommodation, transfers, and extra money for miscellaneous expenses. Some say only those “who can afford” are the ones who have the advantage to go for a vacation. I disagree. Even an ordinary person can travel anywhere he wants to go if he saves money for it. And planning ahead of time is the wise thing to do to get the best deals on travel and tours.

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