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Seeking Plastic Surgery Abroad


Few months ago, a friend’s father was seriously burnt and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. His father wanted to burn the pile of rubbish in one corner of the factory’s compound. The pile of rubbish was burning very slowly and he thought the fire was going to go out. Without realizing the danger, he went to get a can of remaining petrol from the store room and poured it on the pile of rubbish. All of a sudden, the fire burst out and spread up to him and his chest, arms, face, hair. Even his shirt was burnt. His scream was heard by his son who immediately rushed out to find his father rolling on the ground and immediately called the ambulance.

His father has been discharged from the hospital and has recovered from the ordeal of the fire accident. But the scars on his face and arms are quite unsightly and his family members are encouraging him to do plastic surgery. Being a businessman, he understands that it can be quite unpleasant for him and his clients to see his scars on his face.
My friend and his siblings are encouraging their father to take time off for a holiday. After all, he has been working very hard all these years. My friend suggested a holiday plus medical trip for his father and he mentioned 2 places in particular. The mother has a sister staying in Phuket and the father has a brother staying in South Korea. The parents can visit the aunt in Phuket and at the same time seek plastic surgery in Thailand. They can stay with their aunt and save on the hotel expenses. Plus, they will not be alone in a foreign land. Or they can choose to visit their uncle who is residing in South Korea and seek plastic surgery in South Korea. South Korea is well-known for plastic surgery and their uncle will be very happy to play host to them after all these years.

The parents agreed that what the son suggested sounds good to them. Meanwhile, they will have to get more details through concerning the doctors and clinics and also the treatment concerned. After that, they will have to decide whether it is Thailand or South Korea. Both the aunt and uncle are happy to welcome them anytime. Whichever place they choose, my friend and his siblings will be comforted to know that their parents will not be alone.

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He Never Liked Traveling Except…

I have been watching these tele-novelas online lately and I tell you that I would love to be in those beautiful places where they shoot their films.  Besides the awesome scenery, there is a romantic atmosphere in them.  I was talking about the Korean and Japanese Dramas.  I am interested into watching the drama and comedy genres.  I find myself crying or laughing.

Whenever there’s a scene at an airport, it always reminds me of my lay-over in South Korea.  It takes me back to those moments when I was in the lounge area – looking around and watching travelers walking by.  Some were heading to board the planes and others were just arriving.  My husband said he never liked traveling except going on vacation.  Some people go on business travels here and abroad.  I wonder if they get tired of adjusting to time difference?

Anyway, I really enjoy watching these Asian Dramas.  And I am dreaming to visit South Korea and Japan in the near future.  I’d like to see Mt. Fuji and experience the beautiful Sakura flowers.  I also would like to visit the museums in Japan and South Korea.  That would be a few of the great places to see when my darling daughter is little older. 😉

The More Money You Save, The Better The Travel

Saving money for travel needs a lot of dedication.  My husband and I are now into getting ready for our trip-hopefully some time this year-by putting extra money into travel savings.  We are budgeting for the three of us:  husband, baby, and me.

Two years ago, we booked our flights three months before the date of departure.  We got the lowest airfare from Korean Air.  We like flying Korean Air because it departs on time, the crew is friendly, the food is fine, and it lands sweetly.  I think it is a cool airline.  In addition, the lay-over in Korea Incheon Airport is only about four hours.  Korean Air has a direct flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Seoul then few hours of waiting in the airport and the next flight is to Manila.

It surely is wonderful to go for a vacation.  The more money you save, the better travel you will have.

Waiting For The Tickets

Yes. The travel dates are fixed. I am going home for a vacation. And I am waiting for the tickets in the mail. My husband booked the flights with Korean Air and bought the tickets yesterday. I am so happy! This time my husband and I are traveling together. It is going to be pretty enjoyable.

My first international air travel was exciting, I must say. I never thought I will fly to Texas to be with my husband. ‘Have been looking at other airlines’ routes and rates but I have not seen the itinerary that I wanted. When I learned that Korean Air flies to Texas, I found the convenient route to Texas. Then I booked the flight that will arrive in the morning. It was the very first time I stepped foot in Seoul, Korea. There was no hassle at the airport and on the plane. The food selection on board is delicious, well-balanced and healthy. Additionally, the flight crew was awesome. The arrival in Dallas-Fort Worth was on time. I will always treasure the excellent travel experience I had with Korean Air.

You should fly fly Korean Air because their service is accommodating and comfortable. With their reasonable rates and convenient flight schedules, you will definitely experience the excellence in flight with Korean Air.

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