Do A General House Cleaning Before The Trip

Before we know it, our ticket reservations will be confirmed in no time.  And as part of the travel preparation, we already saved money for the air tickets.  It is the fifth month of the year already.  Wow!

We already planned our house cleaning before the trip.  Two weeks before the departure, we are going to do a general house cleaning that includes polishing the furniture, scrubbing the floors, and tidying the fireplace.  We are going to use the blomus fireplace tool set again.

Scrubbing the kitchen floors need a lot of effort because food particles get stuck everywhere.  I wish we had a blomus kitchen so it will be easy to clean the sink.  My time is spent most in the kitchen so I want it to be cleaned well.  Blomus stainless sink would be nice but we have to think about it.  Maybe when we get back from vacation, our next project is home improvement.

Kitchen Reconstruction

The typhoon in the Philippines last year was harsh. It brought strong winds and floods in our area. I mentioned in my previous post that the kitchen part of our house was damaged. A medium branch from the star apple tree fell down directly to the kitchen roof and smashed the sink. Thanks to God nobody was hurt.

My parents are currently working on reconstructing the kitchen. Some of the funds we are sending to my family back home goes to the repairs and reconstruction. As of now, my father is working on putting exterior shutters on the door towards the outside wash area. Affordability and convenience led my father to buy shutters from the Internet. It really saves him money because of the free shipping offers. Little by little, the kitchen is getting back to its normal structure. And my parents are happy now.

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Keep Safety In Mind When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Flooring, countertops, sinks and stoves come to mind first when it’s time to remodel your kitchen. But lighting and electricity are just as important. For those who are planning to renovate or remodel their kitchen, don’t forget to keep safety in mind. When remodeling, be sure to put as much thought in electrical safety as paint color. Sharing with you is some helpful tips on remodeling your family’s favorite room.

>Proper lighting can prevent injuries in the kitchen. Don’t stop with overhead lights; add task lighting to your favorite work spaces.

>Keep electrical switches, plugs and lighting fixtures far away from water sources. Install them in areas where you are unlikely to touch them with wet hands.

>Add additional outlets if needed to avoid use of extension cords.

>Protect every electrical receptacle with a ground-fault circuit interrupter, which will shut off the electric current if it senses a power surge or if moisture is present.

>Keep a fire extinguisher near a room exit and away from cooking equipment.

>Choose faucets with anti-scald devices to prevent burning, or lower your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees. Heating water to a lower, safer temperature also saves energy.

>Install smoke alarms.

>The cooktop or cooking surfaces should not be located near windows. Curtains and other window coverings could easily catch fire from a grease splatter.

Texas Co-op Power, Sep. 2008
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