Job Review And Salary Increase

‘Had my review and signed it. I am very good in my job. I get high compliments from the supervisors. My manager said she really wants to give me an increase. But I guess the store budget cannot allow it at this time. Some departments are currently short handed and managers cannot hire people yet.

I am happy with my job. The compensation I am getting helps me a lot. The next review is in July. But, still, I am hoping to get an increase. Let’s see *smiles*.

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Reserve Me

When I was reminding my boss about my job review this month, I asked her if she can reserve me for a sales associate position. I am not leaving her. I just want to be transferred and work to another department…to experience something new. This idea came to me when a co-employee asked if I am interested to work on the sales floor. My answer is yes. The main thing is, working in sales means higher pay. But there is a daily quota. It is quite a worry but it is also a challenge to all sales personnel.

My manager asked me where do I want to be transferred. I wanted to be considered in ladies’ shoes, lingerie, kids department, or women’s accessories area. She said, “Why not? You are very good. We will talk about it soon as I get a replacement.”

But now, I am asking myself…do I really want to leave customer service?

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Job Review This Month

It is January and I am waiting for my job review. After the last period of my review six months ago, it says in my weekly pay report that I am due for a job review. Well, I would be glad to be evaluated. This way I will know if there is an improvement in my job performance. I know within me that I am doing the best I can to be of help to customers.

Anyway, maybe one of these days my manager will call me to her office for the review. I understand how busy she is right now on inventory.

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