Job Review This Month

It is January and I am waiting for my job review. After the last period of my review six months ago, it says in my weekly pay report that I am due for a job review. Well, I would be glad to be evaluated. This way I will know if there is an improvement in my job performance. I know within me that I am doing the best I can to be of help to customers.

Anyway, maybe one of these days my manager will call me to her office for the review. I understand how busy she is right now on inventory.

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Rated According To Job Performance

Do you complain? I mean do you complain about not getting a salary raise or something? My advice is, don’t. If you are a hardworking employee and deserving for a raise, the management sees it and noted everything about your job. That is why there is a yearly evaluation. We, employees, are evaluated and rated according to our job performance. This is one of the basis to getting a salary increase.

There are people who complain because they are not satisfied with the salary they get. And some companies do not consider that because of business crisis. Other companies do not give salary increase at all. That is why the employees look for a high paying job. I do not blame them. I was once in that situation also.

I know the situation is tough these days. That is why I am hanging on to my job. If you like your job, you should too.

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