Online Shopping Experience

Finally the jeans I ordered online has arrived. I feel so excited about it because this is my first online shopping for clothing. Trying a new shopping experience is fun. But there was doubt inside. What if the item will not show up? How will I react with the screwed transaction? I was just a little bit upset with the shipping period. The shipping duration was not clear to me. And the jeans were packed tightly in a parcel envelope…were not even placed in a box to look more presentable. However, the online purchasing was fine.

I am happy with the faded blue jeans’ fitting on me. The waist line size is zero (zero-ranging sizes 24-26) and that is the best fit for me. But with the dark blue jeans, let us say, I am a bit unsatisfied. Well the blame is on me because I ordered the size 26 waist line. I did that to see if the looser fit will look well on me. It’s straight cut legs are too long for me so I need to go somewhere for alterations (sigh). Anyway, I am glad the jeans are here now.

How about you? How’s your online shopping experience?

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Anxious To See The Jeans

I am so anxious to see the jeans I ordered online. When I saw the style and fitting, I already liked it. Of course, the price made me more excited to place an order for two pairs. I hope they will show up tomorrow. Each pair of jeans costs $13.00 because is currently having discounts on junior clothing. There are many items to choose from but I focused on the jeans for the reason that I need to get new ones.

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Wanting To Buy New Pair of Jeans

This is what I really want right now.I want new pair of jeans because two of mine don’t fit me anymore.They are getting tighter.Surely I am gaining a little bit of muscle in my belly here.My husband is concerned about where to get me the jeans the fits with my petite figure.I told him not to worry too much because I found a store where I can buy cheap jeans.The styles are trendy and the items are reasonably priced mentioning that I found two pairs of jeans discounted to $13.00 each.Besides jeans, savings from other clothing such as denims, teen clothes, dresses, pants, intimate and loungewear can reach up to 85% at Heavenly Couture.This is fantastic for the reason that customers can select for clothing that fits perfectly.I have already placed an order for the jeans I liked. I looked at the size chart and I saw the appropriate waistline size for me.I just hope they will arrive soon because I am anxious to wear them.By the way, below are the pairs I ordered from Heavenly Couture.

For those i
nterested and shopaholics like me, you can visit their website and buy discount clothes you like.
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