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It’s Part Of My Goal This Year

Just a few months ago I joined a group of online friends in a small online garage selling.  It went pretty well and some of them have started their online store.  In the group were working moms and stay-at-home moms (that includes me).  The purpose of the group’s online garage sale was to buy cheap excellent condition pre-owned items that we can re-use or send back home.  Mostly the items for sale were home decor, used women’s accessories like handbags and shoes, and pre-loved kid’s clothing and footwear.  I tell you, I got nice items for a very cheap price.  Some are vintage, too.

The online garage sale ran for like three months.  We stopped selling for a while because of the Holiday season.  Everyone was very busy.  We will resume this coming Spring and Summer.

I remember one of my friend here joined the group.  Now she has her own online store and earning money even she is traveling.  The online garage sale gave us an idea.  But my friend started her own business online.  I asked her if there is a place I can find on the Internet where I can get help with building my own online store, too.  Because I want to earn extra money.  She told me that ecommerce shopping cart can get me going.  Now it’s part of my goal this year.

Buy And Sell

I have been always wanting to do this-selling purses and shoes on  I started my buy and sell activities on eBay in 2008 when I first got here in the US.  The first few months of my arrival was quite boring because I was in the process of adjusting my residence status and I did not have the authority to work yet.  So to make my time worthwhile while waiting for the Adjustment of Status approval, I joined eBay.  I set up a seller’s account.  It was easier than I thought.

The first item I sold was a pair of  ladies shoes.  The shoes was sold on a very good price.  But what has got me was the shipping cost.  It happened that the extra money I had from the sale covered the shipping cost.  So, I did not gain any cent from the sale.  That was a little disappointing.  I learned that I can ship sold items to the buyer in a cheaper and faster way thru a postal service.

I temporarily stopped online selling when I got pregnant in 2010.  There’s no way I can manage my online tasks.  I was very focused on my pregnancy.  When I was fully recovered from the delivery and my little angel began bottle-feeding, I continued selling again last year.  Now, buying and selling on eBay has become a part of my lifestyle.  The extra money I get from the sale adds to the travel budget for the upcoming vacation.

To Boost More Visibility Of Your Travel Business

The reason why people use the Internet is to acquire immediate reference to a  research on something.  Example of this is the searching of cheap flights or affordable vacation package for future travel plans.  Travel companies that have a website set up with the help of the web agency New York have the big advantage on this matter.  With a good positioning on search engines, these travel websites can get potential clients as Internet surfers (term for individuals who browsed the Internet) look for product and services.

To boost more visibility of the products and services you sell, your website should be in good ranking in search engines.  E-commerce is a big tool for the business you want to become successful in.  Web agencies can provide E-commerce solutions for online businesses to be more visible to customers by implementing a strategic marketing plan.  This way, visitors to your business website can be a potential to profit.

The travel industry competition is getting tight.  Besides lowering the prices of the products and services offered, travel websites try to gain more customers by improving their customer service online and offline.  By this means, more and more clients will be attracted to buy the products and services.

Convenient Communication Through The Internet

My brother-in-law is an OFW (Overseas Foreign Worker) currently employed in Qatar.  He is a skilled worker.  He was hired by an employment agency whose client is an oil company based in Qatar.

I give high regards to skilled workers especially to those who work abroad.  We know that oil companies have drilling location in the sea.  My brother-in-law is working offshore.  He and his co-workers get to shore by a helicopter on their days off.  He said it is a very new experience for him to work offshore.  And being away from home, is no doubt, making him feel homesick.  But thanks to the help of high and modern technology.  The Internet has always been a means of connection to the family.  Emails, chatting, video conferencing, and even phone calls are very convenient through the Internet.

I also have a former co-employee who is currently based in Qatar working with Qatar Airways.  She was hired when I was still in the Philippines.  If I am not mistaken, she’s been with the airlines for more than five years.

Thumbs up to them who work diligently for their families and careers. They are the modern heroes.  And thanks to the people who develop wired technology.