Marilyn Monroe’s Wit And Glamour In Quotes

When it comes to celebrities, I idolize just a few.  I admire classic actresses.  One of them is Ms. Marilyn Monroe.  She is witty, sexy, and glaringly beautiful.  From a small-town girl to a glamorous and famous movie superstar, Ms. Marilyn Monroe, also known as Norma Jeane Baker,  captured the hearts of men and women fans.

What I like most with Ms. Monroe was her witty quotes.  They are inspirational and meaningful.  And you can find Famous Marilyn Monroe Quotes Website for free.  You will get amused and curious at the same time as you read her quotes. Though mysterious seemed she may be as a person, Ms. Marilyn Monroe must have lived her life interestingly.


Back From A Wonderful Vacation

Coming back from a wonderful vacation gives me blues. ‘Don’t wanna leave but I have to…we have to. There is no place like home, but I have a second home now too…Texas. We are blessed to have a pleasant weather during the whole flight from Cebu, Philippines to Texas, USA. We touched down in DFW airport at 9:50 in the morning yesterday. A very fine but cool day.

I will be missing the tropical weather and the family’s company again. Well, there is always an opportunity to travel back. That is what I am looking forward to do in the next two years. Going home (Philippines) for a vacation is another inspiration for me to work hard and save.

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The Power of Prayer

I believe that prayer is the great weapon in times of troubles. It is also the most solemn way of communication to God. The power of prayer is amazing. Let us keep it a habit everyday. I would like to convey here that let us offer a prayer not only for the MV Princess of the Stars fatalities and survivors, but let us also pray for a harmonious Olympics, and world peace.

Thank you Claire for this tag.

~~Start Copy:

Prayer for the MV Princess of the stars fatalities and survivors.

Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have good lives after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going. LET’S P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS).

I am tagging everyone who wants to get it.

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