Aiming To Become Financially Stable

Earning money is a necessity and getting a job is always a blessing. Either you are working full time or part time, the importance of making a living is highly valued.

I am always blessed with immediate employment. What matters to me is to earn. Now that I have a job, there is a big chance of helping my family back home with their needs. Also, an additional income in the household is a big help with the budget, and saving for the future. One of my goals is to become stable financially.

So for job seekers out there, keep the determination strong. Motivate yourselves and think about the future. Life is tough, I know. But lift your spirits up…do your best at work.

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Getting The Funds: March Earnings

I have shared in last month’s entry all my blogging earnings for the month of January and February. I summed those month’s earnings because I was late in posting. This March, my funds are low because one of my blog’s just got back in triple P’s marketplace. I am very thankful to triple P. Remember when they did a blog screening last year?

Total Earnings = $ 205.00

Not bad for a new blogger like me :). In fact, this extra income I gained from blogging adds to the funds I am sending to the family members back home. Making money from your website needs hard work and patience.

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Filing Our Taxes

We had an appointment with the tax preparer this evening. We brought all our W-2’s, Form 1099, and other documents required for the tax filing preparation. Before anything else, my husband asked how much the service cost would be. The lady said it will range from $300-$325 dollars. The rate is so high than he was expected.

I do not know how the tax filing here in the USA is done. All I know is that every income has to be reported to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). There are plenty of forms to fill-out. I do not think the rate the lady gave us is reasonable enough. We did not take it. Instead, we asked for a suggestion to where we can save more. The lady suggested to buy a software which helps do the taxes. It can save us money. So we went to a grocery store (which the lady recommended) and bought the software.

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