Salary Comparison Between Male and Female Professional Athletes

I don’t have any favorite sports but I highly admire athletes who are very passionate in their field of sports.  They work very hard to achieve success in their careers.  The pride of performing very well is the first important thing.  Winning the competition is second.  “It’s not about winning or losing, it is how you play the game”, they say.  But if you take a chance getting an Adelphi Sports Management Online Masters Degree, you will understand how the athletes work and who they are compensated.

Opportunity To Earn At Home

First Sunday of September. What a beautiful day. I am not working for two months now and I am on my 26th week of pregnancy. So far, staying at home gives me the opportunity to relax and think. Relax…because there is no fatigue from work. Think…of future plans for the upcoming baby.

I miss working though…especially the weekly paycheck. Haha! But I am still earning from my work-at-home. A little bit. Still, small amounts of money becomes big when summed together.

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We Are Striving

We are working to support our daily needs and provide for our family. No matter how much income we get in the paycheck, we do our best to make it last longer until the next one.

Most of us get some credits in stores or anywhere else necessary. We rely on our work income to buy the basic commodities we need and to pay the monthly bills. Besides that, we also have utilities and insurance to pay either. But whatever the situation is, our determination to survive is enough to give us strength to become successful for the sake of our family’s (inspiration) future.

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