Latest Pictures

Pictures are the great means of showing expression. They say a picture tells a thousand words. This is true. You can even tell a story behind it. Anyway, I love taking pictures especially on different occasions. Other people do not even bother to capture one. Some do not want to take theirs. Taking pictures is very important to me because I can share memories with family and friends.
Here are some of the latest pictures I took lately.

A surprise bouquet of yellow roses and lilies from my honey last weekend.

I decided to take a photo of me today…you can tell I am not feeling well huh?

Thanks to Pinaymama on sharing this meme. Now it is your turn…

…to share with us your latest snaps.

Quick Rules:

1. Take your latest picture. 2. Take your picture as natural as possible. 3. Post your picture on your blog. 4. Post the rules. 5. Tag 10 people to do this tag.

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Alrighty then…got some gifts from friends. And take note, they are not just gifts. I consider them tokens of friendship…awards. I love this. ‘Really touched me. You know, I do not ignore my blogger friends. I love y’all.

Twerlynz gave me all of her awards here. Hahaha! Her blog inspires me a lot especially when she features her lovely girls. Nisha’s World gave me a 3-in-1 award here. The cute baby world brings a bundle of joy to me. I love kids you know. Well, I hope you guys will not stop coming by. I appreciate all of these. Thank you!

Now I am forwarding these awards to everyone.

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