Are There Real Opportunities For Me?

I was just wondering if you guys have been receiving emails from You know, they have given me a couple of tasks and earned extra income from them last year. This year they are sending me email saying that there are tasks/opportunities addressed to me. I assume the these tasks/opportunities are available for me to take. But when I logged in to my account, there is nothing in my Dashboard but my status. How come?

I sent them an email a couple of times but there is no response from Well, maybe I have to call them then.

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The Place Where Advertisers and Bloggers Meet

I just joined with recently. I find it remarkable because they give publishers/bloggers the option to earn online through advertisers’ marketing campaigns. This newly launched online socialsphere marketing platform empowers online marketers with the ability to market their products and services in a deep, organic, grass-roots online social approach through an exponentially growing web of individual and institutional web publishers. Actually, Hype is now launched in the Unites States for huge marketing prospects. Using, advertisers have a big advantage to promote their products, services, get high traffic for their sites and target customers online. Another thing is that advertisers can measure the traffic impressions, social buzz, and search engine rankings. It is FREE to sign up for This is the place where advertisers and bloggers meet. Get the Hype!

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Earning Online With

There is another money making opportunity that I would like to share with you guys. I just signed up for It is a SocialSphere Platform that makes you earn from your blog and monetize your site. They offer publishers full commissions and immediate payments for jobs completed. Publishers are in complete control of the kinds of opportunities they subscribe to and the kind of content they post on their web sites. The time limits of the tasks are very convenient so bloggers don’t have to hurry posting their entries. Payment will be transferred to you via Paypal 24 hours after the job has been approved. No hassle at all.
I have already received payments from for the jobs I have completed recently. Signing up for is FREE and easy. Just click the image link below and it will take you to their site quickly. You’ll see and read the interesting features that will make bloggers and advertisers become motivated to join in. It is the place where bloggers and advertisers meet. See you!

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