Two Days Off

‘Got the first Saturday and Sunday of the month for my days off. I worked six days straight last week and I am ready for a wonderful relaxation in Tyler. We are going out of town.

But before we head to Tyler, my husband and I visited the renters at the house in Nevada. The couple was at home when we got there. My husband checked the house for leaks (heavy rains poured last week). He was also asked to check the blinds in the living room and in the bathrooms. Everything’s great inside. The renters have plenty of furniture though. The bathroom enclosure looks new and pretty. I wish we have an underfloor heating 🙂

Well, it was great to see and talk with the renters again.

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Just Checking How Much The Houses Cost Now

When we were in the grocery store, my husband grabbed two magazines. These magazines are the ones that have houses for sale listing. He said it has been awhile since he looked at some listing on houses for sale. He would like to see how much they cost now.

The time when our house was listed for sale last year, we were praying that it would be sold. During that period we were busy house hunting on weekends here in the city. Surprisingly, prices for houses for sale in the city is very high. And they are like over the budget. Though our house was not sold, we are thankful that it is currently on lease.

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What’s for Dinner?

As always, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night while in front of our television watching Ninja Warrior. I prepared a very delicious “pork nilaga” (boiled pork with vegetables) paired with steamed rice. The soup was good that we couldn’t help putting rice in our plates. It gives me an uplifting feeling when my husband thanked me once in a while for the great dinner. He loved it!
After that, we went to the back porch of the house and relaxed ourselves. We hardly breath because our bellies were so full. It was a satisfying meal. And my husband said, “Baby, I am thinking of giving you a treat.”
Hhhmm…I wonder what it is. He said it’s a surprise.