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Practical Home Designing

My cousin E and her fiance just got married last month. It was a simple civil wedding. Their church wedding will follow on March. Anyway, we talked over the phone this afternoon. She told me about their plans of buying a house. I, too, is excited with the idea.

There was a house they saw in a neighborhood nearby their place. It was a 3-bedroom home with two baths. E said it is a very pretty house and she liked the interior setting. Then she started to tell me how she will decorate the house. She is hopeful on buying that house. I said summer is coming near. And here in Texas, it is very hot during summer. I told E if they will get a new house before summer comes, they should start doing practical home designing like putting an energy-efficient shading on windows. Besides looking great in home interiors, solar shades are economical to use because they are 100% recyclable. Plus the rooms will not get too bright and hot because these shades absorb heat. E is pretty interested with the idea.


It would be a money saver indeed for them to use solar shades from The Shade Store. And if the couple decides to buy that house and agree to the idea of placing solar shades, they will get 15% off and free shipping on all orders using this code IZEA01.

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Christmas Shopping Or Store Hopping

Where we were all afternoon today? We were at Frys, the huge electronics store in Arlington, since one o’clock in the afternoon. The plan was to look and shop for gifts for the Christmas party at my parents-in-law’s house in Tyler. We looked around from the first isle of the store to the end but we find nothing interesting. So we agreed to go back to Fort Worth and try World Market. Besides products from the USA, World Market also has the variety of imported products from different countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and others. As usual, my honey and I looked starting from the home decor isle to the kitchenware section but we just ended buying stuff for ourselves. That was really funny.

I know it is really better to have a list of items to buy before going to the mall or stores to avoid wasting of time. It is helpful…we all know that.

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