Travel And Explore

‘Spotted this beautiful home decor at Hobby Lobby.  Yes, don’t lose your sense of wonder. Travel and explore while you can. Collect memories and experiences not material things.  Memories and experiences are way more important. If you want this piece, visit a Hobby Lobby store near you and check this out at the home decor section.

Off topic: Hobby Lobby is marking down all their 4th of July merchandise to 66% off as of the moment. Also, as early as now, they have already displaying Fall and Christmas decorations. 🙂

Must-Have Looks for 2015

If you pride yourself on keeping up with design trends then you are probably eager to find out what the must-have looks and décor pieces are for 2015. After all, your friends expect you to make a major change, so they know what look they should be trying to achieve. It is hard work being the trendsetter, but someone has to do it!

Vintage Meets Contemporary

Some of the world’s most architecturally interesting cities have a mix of modern sky scrapers next to historic homes. The mix of old and new is going to be the look to have for 2015. Already have a contemporary space? You have it made! Just add a few vintage pieces, and you are all set.

Mixing Materials

2014 saw a lot more materials being mixed and this is a trend that will continue to grow. One room can easily showcase wood, wrought iron, slate, and copper. Rustic and exotic woods combined with warm metals and elegant accent pieces create a room that is sophisticated yet comfortable.

Recycled, Reclaim, and Reuse

As the environment has become more of a concern, an increased number of interior decorators are using products that are environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood, recycled carpet, eco-friendly paint and thoughtful décor pieces will be essential. Don’t hesitate to refinish that old table you see at a yard sale. It still has a lot of life left in it, and you could be the one keeping it out of a landfill.

Water Fountains

Just when you think water fountains can’t get any more popular, a new year comes along. Water fountains were once reserved for elite environments. Today, many consumers are purchasing them because of the healthy benefits they offer. If you don’t have one yet, or you want to expand your collection, you can find a wide variety of wall, floor, and tabletop water fountains online from stores like

Comfortable Seating

Remember when the most coveted seating options were furniture prices that looked nothing like seating at all? Thank goodness that look is over. It is very unsettling visiting someone’s home and not knowing if you are accidentally sitting on a piece of art.

Seating is all about comfort. Create a space you love to live in and break the rules. Furniture sets are out and mixed pieces that work well together are in. Choose pieces that work for your lifestyle rather than pieces that fall under the norm. Yes, you can eliminate the sofa for bean bags.

Unconventional Lighting Ideas

Have you simply fallen out of love with your décor? Perhaps you are looking around and you love your furnishings, colors, patterns, art, etc., but something just feels “off” about the space. Well, there is a very good chance that it could simply be your lighting. Do you still have boring traditional ceiling lights or ceiling fans with lights, even though you never turn the fans on? Lighting plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of a space. A few small lighting changes may be all that is needed to give your home a quick facelift.

Track Lighting – The cool thing about track lighting is you can direct it where you want it. So, if you have an interesting sculpture on a corner shelf that gets lost in the darkness, or if you want your Southwestern plates displayed above your cupboards to be the center of attention, direct your track lighting at the elements you want illuminated.

Indoor Fountains – Sometimes, all a room needs is a little mood lighting. For example, if you are watching a movie, you don’t necessarily want the lamp on right next to you, but a soft glow in the room would be nice. Indoor fountains serve this purpose perfectly. May have LEDs that highlight the water. This also makes them ideal for the wall at the end of a dark hallway, or to serve as a nightlight in a child’s rom. Many stores like Indoor Fountain Pros offer water fountains online.

Sconces – Wall sconces can go pretty much anywhere. They create an intriguing look when installed on either side of a headboard of sofa. They are also great for long hallways, but be sure they are mounted high enough where someone is not going to walk right into one when the lights are out.

Recessed Lighting – Although recessed lighting is great in the ceiling, its best used in unexpected places, like under the kitchen cabinets or built right into the art niches in your wall.

table lamp

Lamps – One of the most practical lighting options is a lamp. There are a lot of unique ones that definitely double as art when they are not turned on, but you can also buy a very simple one, and just change the lampshade now-and-then for an entirely different look.

Pendant Lighting – If you haven’t actually shopped for pendant lighting in the past couple years, you may find yourself pretty overwhelmed and delighted by the selection. Designers have truly gotten creative with this option. Always make sure pendant lights are not hung so low that the average person is going to hit their head.