The Traveling Fairy

What a wonderful start of the New Year!  A very kind fairy came and visited me today!  Though she was a little busy, she managed to squeeze in a little time to travel and came over my humble home and sprinkled some pixie dust.

Traveling and flying from far away is exhausting, so to accommodate the lovely Fairy Hobmother, I hope the welcoming refreshment from our kitchen served with cool drinks from my energy-efficient refrigerator made her day.

Now, the Fairy Hobmother is traveling around the blogosphere spreading joy and happiness to one and all.  She is on her way to visit y’all.  Catch her attention by leaving your comments and blog on this post.  She will come around and visit your blog, too.


10 Kitchen Appliances Every House Should Have

A kitchen needs a lot of items for it to be complete. A set of cutlery with a stove is not enough. You need to upgrade your kitchen with the latest appliances to give it a modern look. A kitchen full of the latest appliances will make it easy for you to perform day-to-day kitchen activities.

Given below are ten such items. Some you might already have them, while some you will have to visit your nearest kitchen appliance store.

Coffee Maker

Almost everyone loves coffee. We are a coffee drinking nation. Some people do not feel mentally awake until they have a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is a wake-up call for most.

A coffee maker will make it easier for you to make coffee. Buy one today and enjoy delicious cappuccinos or any other type of coffee anytime you want to.


Almost every household has a refrigerator. Then why do we have it in the list? This is because the role of the refrigerator has greatly changed over the past few years. Now there are unique refrigerators in the market that do not just serve the purpose of a fridge, but also provide something extra. You can easily buy refrigerators with gadgets such as music players in them.


Who likes waking up early to toast bread? No one we believe. Get a toaster and it will do the job for you within seconds without you having to do any hard work.

Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker is for the moments when your stomach craves for something delicious. With this appliance in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about satisfying your hunger.

Food Processor

A food processor will make all your kitchen work swift and easy. It comes with detachable blades, which makes it useable for several purposes as you can change the blade as per your needs.

Hand Blender

If you love baking, then this is a must-have. Mixing eggs and other items was not an easy task until the hand blender made its way to the market. This affordable item has several uses. The fact that it can be fixed anywhere in the kitchen, thanks to the small size, makes it a great buying option.

Dish Washer

Who likes doing the dishes manually? You must buy this appliance, especially if you have a big family. Washing a dozen dishes can be irritating. You should get a dishwasher and let it do the task.

Electric Kettle

Say goodbye to the old kettle and welcome an electric kettle. It will help you save a lot of time and energy. Electric kettles are not only easy to clean, but are also easily available in the market at an affordable rate.


Bid adieu to the old pots and welcome a cooker. This appliance was originally invented to allow people to cook quickly, and today it is among the most widely used utensils for this reason alone.

Microwave Oven

What can a microwave oven not do that a normal stove does? It’s hard to answer! You can boil, fry and cook your meals in a microwave oven. It has made cooking healthier and easier.

Inventions like these have made cooking easy. Now, everyone loves their time in the kitchen. The most daunting tasks have turned swifter and easier to perform.

These appliances, and their Bosch spare parts, are easily available in the market. Most of them come with warrantee and a long life. However, if you ever face any trouble then you can easily get them repaired thanks to the easy available of spare parts.

Author’s Bio

John Bower is a kitchen appliance seller and writes weekly updates on the hottest selling items on his website. He recommends Bosch spare parts due to their reliability and the company’s goodwill.

How About A New Home Theater System?

We have reached the point where we are not satisfied with our current cable television anymore. We are paying a high monthly rate and we are watching nothing but mostly commercials. Though the Internet connection is provided by the cable company, that too, needs to be switched to a better provider.

According to the people I know, high-definition television programming is now getting popular. It does not only bring quality TV picture, it also adds sparkle to the entertainment in the home. And everyone is getting their family the amazing high-definition TV viewing. We are persuaded to change our cable and Internet service provider. The best option we are seeing right now is Charter’s Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Telephone Service. For some time now I have been hearing good feedback about Charter’s services.

Charter is launching new marketing approach by making their services more innovative for customers’ satisfaction. The quality of TV viewing brought by high-definition programming and telephone with with high speed Internet connection is now available for new and upgrading customers. What is amazing about Charter is that, they know how to share the the fun by giving the consumers the chance to win in a raffle. They hosted a couple of Sweepstakes before and have had given away big prizes including a Hybrid car. Now Charter is offering customers, who avails a service package, the chance to bring home a 22” flat screen HDTV. The automatic registration is made upon the installation of the service. And if that opportunity strikes to the lucky one, a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable service with HD programming is in store. Is not it amazing?

There is no wonder why more and more are switching to Charter’s affordable TV, Internet, and telephone service. And we are getting close there.

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