Pool Party Nibbles

I love weekends. These are the days to bond with family and friends and do the things of your interest. Personal invitations are to be considered too.
As I mentioned from my previous blog, I was invited to a Pool Party last Saturday (June 7) in Plano. It was the 10th birthday of Emily’s (one of my Filipina friends) youngest daughter Mira. We were few at the party because she didn’t invite a lot. She prepared delicious foods for the party. The cake was courtesy of June, who told Emily that she will take care of the cake for the birthday girl. It was pretty good. It is a chocolate cake with a Hawaiian motif. The kids liked it and they called it the “donut cake” because the style looked like a donut.
One dish caught our interest at the party was Emily’s Thai salad. Oh it was good! It has a little spicy taste but she said the original taste of it is spicier. And it will really heighten your appetite.
She also had “lechon kawali”, “Chinese adobo”, and grilled salmon at the party. June also brought baked sweet potato aside from the cake. It was fun. I enjoyed some girl talk with the ladies and swimming with the kids in the pool too. The party ended at 4:00 PM with our bellies full.