Stress And Pressure…Do You Complain?

How do you deal with work’s pressure and stress? Do you get cranky or irritated? Do you complain?

The amount of pressure you get working depends on the type of job you are into. And stress from the pressure is the most unlikeable thing to deal with at work. Most people try to keep their cool by thinking of happy thoughts and motivational things to go on without ruining the day. Others just become cranky and sensitive. This leads to misunderstandings. Some situation at work are complicated especially when the boss assigned a very complex tasks. In addition to that, he/she wants them finished IMMEDIATELY.

I have been through this situation. Though errors are unavoidable, I had to be focused in everything. It should always be. If I get stressed, I admit, I get irritated but I do not complain. Stepping away from my work area for 10 minutes helps me relax my nerves. Then I will be back with a smile on my face. It is part of the job I am in. And I love my job.

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A Way To Help Release Tension And Stress From A Long Working Week

There is nothing more enjoyable of doing than entertaining ourselves. Many kinds of them are available if we just look for them keenly. But remember that these entertainment should only be applied according to your lifestyle.

If you are working very hard and need to unwind on the weekends, watching a good comedy movie is better. A good laugh releases the tension and stress caused by a long, stressful day of work. If an out-of-town weekend trip is already planned for the family, go for it. The excitement and fun is irreplaceable. And when you come back to work, you have the new energy. Plus your aura fresh and lively.

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Why I Couldn’t Come To Work At Times

I feel bad when I could not come to work. Feels like I am not efficient with my responsibility at work. But I am only human. There are times I need to call in sick. And those are the days when I have my monthly visitor that triggers my migraine at times.

Whenever this happens, I do not force myself to go to work. It will just make me feel miserable. A good rest is enough to give me energy for the next day’s stressful job.

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