Halloween Party 2012

It’s my FIL’s (father-in-law) birthday Thursday.  Supposedly we will be visiting him and mom this weekend but they called saying they are not feeling well.  This change of weather makes everybody feel weird.  Cool and breezy days bring allergies too.

Since we did not have anything planned, I got to attend the Halloween Party at a friend’s house in Frisco last night.  Everyone was in their Halloween costume except me.  I was wearing a tangerine dress (pumpkin color), denim jacket, and a blue headband.  It’s my first time to attend a Halloween Party.  It was really fun and lots of picture-taking.

Halloween Party 2012

The party started at 7:00 P.M.  Because my friend and I arrived at the party at about 8:30 P.M., we decided to stay a bit longer.  It was fun.  Thanks to the beautiful sailor host.  Our sweat glands served their function when we danced on Xbox 360.  Got our hearts pumpin’ a little.  Hahaha!

Having fun dancing.
We’re on the move.

After the action, we all went back to the kitchen and ate…again.

pasta, veggies, pork, chicken dishes
pork barbeque, salad, dessert

Good food, good friends, great party!