Customer Appreciation Day

We had the Customer Appreciation Day every at the store today. What’s with it is we offer free gift wrapping for gifts purchased for Mother’s Day. I was in the early shift and had everything set up in the customer service. My co-associate K came and she was told to station on the second floor. It went well because customers came over to us and had their gifts wrap. Cookies and snacks were all over the store. We had raffle draws, and lucky winners won fabulous goodies. It was pretty neat.

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New Gift Wrap Supplies

We have new colors in the gift wrapping section in customer service. Finally, we received new gift wrap supplies for the year 2010. New colors, new ornaments and ribbons. We are very excited and inspired. One of the girls at work did the gift wrap display and it really looks nice. And we got new masculine wrapping paper too.

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VIP Night

I was not 100% energetic at the VIP Night because of the monthly visitor. Crap! I knew that it was coming. But there is nothing I can do besides taking Excedrin for the migraine. Agh! I felt so weak. But I still managed to work on gift wraps for the VIP customers. It was a success though.

In spite of my the willingness to go to work today and help gift wrap the rest of the customers’ merchandise, I better relax and get a lot of rest.

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