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Tips To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

What a lovely day to go on a road travel today. The weather is mostly cloudy and the temperature is in the 70s F. I thought it’s going to rain this morning but it didn’t. But there’s no plan to travel far away except this weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary. My dear husband and I are planning to go on a special trip just the two of us. Yes, it’s husband and wife’s getaway alright. We haven’t been together in a while. This time the little one will be with the aunt and uncle’s care over the weekend. My husband and I are going to spend a special time together.

Special occasions like wedding anniversaries are events that every couple should celebrate to keep the relationship fresh. It is also very important to keep the sweetness to each other. There are few things you can do to celebrate this special occasion.

Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa

Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa

Lunch Date or Dinner Date – Make an advance reservation for your date.  If you are scheduling it on a weekend, better reserve three days in advance because some nice restaurants are fully booked on weekends.

Gifts For Your Sweetheart – If you are giving a gift to your man, a few items can be considered:  watch, belt, polo shirt, wallet, travel planner, passport holder, under garments, hat, or a travel bag.

If you are giving a gift to your woman, here’s a few examples you can buy for her:  jewelry (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet), handbag, shoes, clothes, perfume, customized travel planner, travel bag, kitchen electrics, home decor, or beauty products.  

Getaway – It is one great gift for both of you – a vacation to your dream place or a cruise that you have been looking forward to.  Plan ahead of time like six months ahead.  Travel planning can be stressful if you do it close to your agreed date.  Comparing hotel rates, ticket prices, and cruise packages can take time.  So book your trip soon.  

My husband and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend.  We are just gonna have a dinner date in town. Next year, hopefully, we can go on a vacation for our next wedding anniversary celebration.  

New Year, New Cellphone


Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone

This is my Christmas present in advance.  Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have been waiting for my old cellphone to be replaced.  I was very patient and had been nice last year so my wish was granted.  My dear husband let me get a new cellphone.  🙂

 What I love about smartphones like this Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it serves as a GPS (Global Positioning System), computer, and cellphone at the same time.  The Maps application on the phone is very useful when I am traveling.  But I still have paper map in my car reserved just in case.

Oh was I so happy to get this.  Thanks to my generous hubby.  Happy New Year everyone!

Looking Forward To More Travels This New Year

Happy New Year! Have you been enjoying your holidays so far? Did you come to visit the places you wanted to see before the year ends? Where did you travel? I bet you had a wonderful time.

As for me, my family went on a mini-vacation last year. Not so grand but we sure had a wonderful time together. That was when we went to see a concert in Austin, Texas in November 2013. And while we were there, we too the opportunity to explore the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas which is about 25 minutes drive from Austin. We had so much fun. My darling daughter really enjoyed the new things she saw and experienced.

Of course, wherever we go, I don’t forget to take photos for souvenir. Capturing the happy moments during our travels mean so much to me because I keep them as remembrance that I can look at every time. So I a digital camera is very handy. My mobile phone is great too, but I want a higher resolution on captured images so I use my digi cam.  And guess what?  I received a new camera for Christmas!  Thanks to the dear Santa of my life. 🙂  And then, it comes with a new laptop too.  Ain’t that amazing?  New camera and computer is great to start my year especially in blogging and traveling.

New lappy and cam. :)

May new lappy and cam. 🙂

I am looking forward to more travels this new year.  No matter how big or small getaways I’ll get.  What matters is the memories and happy experiences.  😉


Gifts For Dads

For dads who are constantly on the go or traveling on business purposes, these Father’s Day gift ideas should be considered.

An  iPad – This gorgeous gadget can really help traveling dads connect with family and friends while they are away.  With Wi-Fi available features, he can access the free services wherever its available.

Luggage or Suitcase – If you see it is time to replace daddy’s suitcase, well getting him one won’t hurt.  He will surely appreciate the thought of you giving him a new travel suitcase.

Travel outfit – Either a business suit or a getaway outfit, these will definitely please your dads.

Sunglasses – If your dads love to looking cool and handsome, sunglasses are a great present especially in the summer.  I know that some men rather keep one pair of sunglasses but an additional wouldn’t hurt, too.  🙂

Bill Fold Wallet – Like any other men, my husband keeps and uses his wallet for years.  On Father’s Day last year, I gave him a new bill fold wallet.  At first, he wasn’t sure if he will use it or not.  But I was happy to see he did.  🙂  Dads will appreciate it if we give them something that will keep their money in a safe place wherever they go.

There are lots of other Father’s Day gift items available out there.  We just have to be very specific on what these special men need everyday.

Happy Father’s Day!