Girls Night Out or Shall I Say Moms Night Out at Sambuca 360

Photo by: Morena

It was a pleasant evening for a night out.  My friends and I went to Sambuca 360 in Plano to disco two weekends ago.  It was a fun night.  Our husbands approved our girls night out date.  We’re all behaved.

Having some wine at Sambuca 360 in Plano (TX).
Photo by: Morena

Celebrating birthdays were me, Morena, and Rina.  The last time we were in Sambuca 360 was three years ago, also celebrated our birthdays together.  That was a long time, huh?

There’s no entrance fee at the disco.  You have to show a valid ID at the front desk.  Upon ordering a meal or a drink, they will ask for a credit or debit card.  They will hold it until it’s time for the bill and check out.

My friends and I had an enjoyable evening dancing to the upbeat music of the 70’s, 80’s, the 90’s.  There was a live band that adds to the excitement in the disco.  We had so much fun.

Happy birthday, Mors and Rina! Let’s do this again. 

Celebrating Birthdays

I had a great time at my dear friend R’s birthday party at her home last night.  Our friends brought lots of delicious food to share.  Everything was great and the karaoke time, as usual, was so much fun.

Happy birthday to us! 🙂

In in my friends circle, four of us are celebrating birthdays in January. To celebrate our special days, we agreed to go to a disco bar next weekend. It would be a fun girls night out (or moms night out, too).

Fun At Birthdays!

My friend and I had a double birthday celebration today.  We agreed to hold it at her house because it has more space than mine.  The party hasn’t started until about 1 P.M. because  most of the guests arrived late.  Some of them came from Dallas, and Mesquite, Texas.  Both of us cooked food for everyone.  But our friends also brought additional dishes and desserts.  I did not get to sing videoke and drink margarita because I had to leave early for another invitation.  I headed to Aubrey at 5 P.M to attend another friend’s birthday party.  She had invited me ahead of time couple of months before.  Since we have the same birthday, I responded to her request.  It was a long drive to Aubrey, Texas from the house.

I was happy that my MIL came over and looked after my little princess.  My hubby and FIL went to the casino in Oklahoma for some recreation.  The casino is about an hour and a half drive from where we live.

It's my birthday!

I had a big day today but I had a great time.  And I am very thankful for the thoughtfulness and well wishes.