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Tips to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Experience

Plenty of homeowners invest time and energy creating an abode that they can live in for many years. While the interior of a home is certainly important, the exterior of a home needs to be remembered as well. There are some helpful tips to remember in order to create a beautiful outdoor experience that residents and visitors will enjoy.

Grass and Shrubs

A good starting point to consider when looking at enhancing an outdoor experience is the grass and shrubs that are in a yard. It can be easy to overlook the importance of keeping the grounds neat and trim. However, grounds that look lovely can help other parts of the yard look great as well. It can help to invest in fertilizer in order to keep a lawn look good during the spring and summer months. In terms of shrubs and trees, remember to do the pruning in the spring and not the fall. While it may be difficult to prune, take note that an individual can always take more off but cannot put it back on. Furthermore, pruning a tree or a shrub can ensure that it stays healthy and vibrant.

Solid Surfaces

A patio can be an excellent way to protect people from many types of bugs that can lurk in the grass. Not only that, but it can be an excellent place to hold a grill, patio furniture and other types of décor that can make an outdoor experience be fun. A walkway to a backyard and a driveway that is paved can be great ways to enhance the look of a home that will stay neat and solid for many years. A deck can be a fantastic way for people to enjoy time outdoors without having to touch the ground that may be warm or cold due to the weather. Remember there are professionals, such as driveway paving contractors Fort Worth Texas trusts in, that provide solid results.

Paying close attention to the grounds as well as to solid surfaces can certainly enhance the appearance of a yard. Furthermore, it can create a great atmosphere to enjoy time outdoors. Some people like to invest in new patio furniture and other types of patio décor that can give each individual a comfortable experience when outside. The investment and time that is spent can certainly be worth the terrific results.

Great Attractions For The Family

We had a great dinner this evening.  My family and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant nearby.  My dear husband and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this week and a special dinner at El Rodeo Restaurant is always great.  We both like Mexican food.  Chicken and beef fajitas are a click to us.

This weekend, we are taking the little one to the Fort Worth zoo this time.  It’s named as the top zoo in the country and was placed in the top 10 zoos in the USA.  We lived in Fort Worth for two years and the zoo was one of the main attractions in the city.  To me, Spring and Fall are the best times to go visit the zoo.  Besides Spring break days, the temperature is not high during these months.

Another attraction to visit in Fort Worth is the Stockyards and the museums.  Located in the heart of Fort Worth, the Stockyards is the place to explore the city’s history.  The very first time I visited the place, I fell in love with it.  Places with great history and magnificent heritage are interesting to visit.  And bringing your kids to these attractions is ideal because it is educational.  Plus, trips like these can also become bonding times with family and friends.

I just hope that the weather wouldn’t be so bad this weekend.  I hate it when a good trip is ruined due to bad weather.

Fort Worth Zoo is in Fort Worth, Texas USA

Time To Visit And See Some Attractions

As scheduled, we visited friends in Fort Worth today.  My girl friends and I were planning the get-together for months and now it was accomplished.  And because it’s Spring time, we went to see the animals in Fort Worth Zoo.  We also rode the Train at Trinity Park.  Our darling daughter liked it very much that she did not even want to get off the train.


April 6

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM – Leave house and arrive Fort Worth at noon.

12:30 PM to 1:30 PM – Lunch at Pancake House

1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – Train Ride at Trinity Park

2:30 PM to 5:00 PM – Fort Worth Zoo visit and sightseeing.

5:00 PM to 9:00 PM – Dinner.  Visit with the Jones family and friends.

9:00 PM to 11:00 PM – Go home.


Pancake House at University Park Center Fort Worth


A bazaar across the Trinity River


All aboard in the Trinity Park Train


My daughter and I with tita D and N.


The scrumptious Get Together cake also courtesy of the Jones family.


Parakeets at the Bird Sanctuary


The King of the Jungle is relaxing. Lion.


He was so very nice to pose for us like this. Bengal White Tiger.


A very pleasant day to sit on the grass. Giraffe.


It’s 4:30 P.M. and it’s time to eat. Asian elephants.

It was a great visit.  The weather was wonderful today and everything went as planned.  Actually, it did not take us two hours driving home.  Just about an hour and a half!  Hubby had a left foot this evening.  :p

Spring is a good time to visit attractions like the zoo or the Botanical Gardens.  Kids will enjoy seeing live animals and they can also get to feed the birds in Fort Worth Zoo.  It is very educational and great family bonding.

Sincere thanks to the lovely couple Mr. and Mrs. Jones for hosting the get-together dinner.  And to all our friends who came and visit, we appreciate your time and glad to see y’all today.  To those who did not make it, we understand your busy schedule.  We look forward to seeing you all again next time.  God bless!

Japanese Garden In Forth Worth Botanical Gardens

It is Spring season!  There are wonderful things and activities that we can do this time of year.

1.  go Camping

2.  visit parks and wildlife

3.  visit the Botanical Gardens

4.   Easter Egg Hunting

5.  fishing

6.  vacationing

These are only few of the interesting outdoor activities you can do with your family and friends.  Spring is the season of blooms and sprouts.  New life and new beginning.  What I have in mind is to go to the Botanical Gardens soon before the flowers are gone.

When we were in Fort Worth, we visited The Botanical Gardens.  My favorite area is the Japanese Garden.

Pagoda in the Suzuki Garden

It was one of the precious moments in my life.  I love the Gardens.  When I am there I feel like being close to Mother Nature.

Ready to feed the fish in the pond

The serenity of the Botanic Gardens is like at the beach.  You can see green everywhere.  Relaxing and calm.  You will forget your troubles, worries, and problems for a while.  I like it.

The Mikoshi in the Japanese Garden

This is an authentic Mikoshi (a sacred palanquin) donated by Forth Worth’s sister city Nagaoka, Japan symbolizes friendship between the two cities.  It is nice to see history, culture, and nature preserved in a beautiful place like the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.