Table Top Computer Screens At Olive Garden

My darling daughter and I together with my dear husband had lunch with our friend and DD’s godmother JT at Olive Garden in Plano Thursday.  It is one of favorite restaurants.  The spaghetti is good and their Chicken Marsala is awesome.  It was nice we got to see JT today.  We haven’t get together in a while.  This time, our other friend Mr. T wasn’t able to join us because of some huge work load.  My dear husband and JT were already in Olive Garden Restaurant when we arrived.  It was freezing cold that day that we had to bundle up two layers of clothes besides our coats.

While waiting for our orders I was kind of wondering what this black thing on the table was for.  My dear husband and JT didn’t pay attention to it because they were busy talking.  I looked at it and it has a screen. This thing is an electronic device or gadget. Good thing my little girl didn’t notice it or else she will be messing with it.

Our food didn’t take long to arrive.  DH had Lasagna, JT had Chicken Parmesan, DD had Spaghetti and Broccoli, and I had Chicken Marsala.  Before these were served, JT and I had vegetable soup.  As always, lunch at Olive Garden is very filling.

Now here’s a thing.  Paying didn’t have to go through the waitress.  We had to do it right there at our table using this tabletop computer screen.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out how to pay the bill.  Paying with a credit card or a debit card is easy because you can swipe right there and then.  So cool.  I just don’t know how secure it is.

Table top computer screen
Table top computer screen
After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would want to receive your receipt.
After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would like to receive your receipt.
We wanted our receipts printed.
We wanted our receipts printed.

Food Tourism

Many people love to travel, and many others love to eat great food. For those people, foodie tourism simply makes the most sense. Chantal Royer is one example of a person who’s figured out something critical about today’s world. It’s smaller, and people around the globe are partaking in great eats that you could experience. With the Internet helping in your planning and these trips being cheaper than ever before, it makes sense to see the world and some of the great meals that restaurants are preparing in different continents. It’s the ultimate in killing two birds with one stone, as people check countries off of their list while learning a lot about food in the process.

The Internet’s role in the foodie tourism industry

The Internet has changed the way people view travel. People who head around the world can post their experiences online in real time. With pictures and travel reviews and the like, it’s easy to get motivated for your next trip. Perhaps more important than that, though, is how the Internet’s helped people plan their next trip. You can go online and check out hotels, flights, and restaurants in a matter of seconds. Putting together a comprehensive trip is no longer a chore, and that’s part of the reason why so many people are getting involved.

The perfect excuse to see the world

For most people, just visiting a place like Italy is not enough. They need some excuse for going there. Whether it’s a honeymoon, a work trip, or something of the like, they feel more comfortable if they’re going for a purpose. Food tourism trips give people that purpose that they so desperately crave. Rather than just wandering aimlessly into various countries, people now can tell their friends and family that they’re going abroad for food.

Getting out of your food comfort zone

Most people know that places like Italy have great food and top-notch wine. Many don’t know that other countries around the world have their own amazing fare. While you might associate good Asian food with Korea or China, you should also know that Vietnam offers excellent food. Even in Eastern Europe, you’ll find great restaurants and people who are willing to share with you. With a good food trip, you can get outside of you comfort zone to try a ton of new food choices in places you’d least expect.

Encourage Living Green With Children

Living a green lifestyle is very rewarding, but it can be hard to get children to see why it’s so good. This is especially true with the huge amount of video games, junk food and overall laziness that many children have. While it might be difficult, you can get through to your children with some simple encouragement. It’s best to start this when they are very young, and to continue it throughout their teenage years.

Active Lifestyle
Part of the green lifestyle is being active. Cars are definitely needed for long distances, but you should walk and bike anywhere that you can to save gas and reduce carbon emissions. Take your children on bike rides as often as you can to show them how fun it can be. This will also be a great source of exercise for everyone.

This will get children to understand that biking is fun, and that it’s much better than driving to stores and other locations that are fairly close.

Public Transportation
Public transportation releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, but the overall impact of each person is lessened. This makes public transportation a greener option than driving. You can teach your child this lesson by using trains and buses if they bring you to your destination. Aside from showing them that public transportation is useful, this will also help your children be around new people.

While you shouldn’t overly inconvenience yourself, this is a great option for traveling longer distances and still maintaining the green lifestyle.

Farmers’ Markets
Part of the reason why people are hesitant to buy from farmers’ markets is because they have been conditioned to visit supermarkets for food. This is because most parents buy exclusively from supermarkets, and the child is never exposed to real farmers.

Not only is the produce at farmers’ markets typically less expensive, but it’s also much fresher. This also allows you to talk with the food’s producers, rather than store representatives. Your child will be exposed to new foods and a greener market for produce.

Limit Toys
This isn’t saying that toys are bad. Children need toys to explore their world and imaginations. The problem is that the modern child has tons of action figures, video games and other toys that can be distracting. A child raised with this lifestyle might learn that happiness is found through having more things, and that it’s fine to leave toys to collect dust because there’s always a new one.

It’s often a better idea to have fewer toys. They should also be high-quality toys that are durable and fun. If you are worried about your child getting too many toys for Christmas or birthdays, then talk with your family members and tell them about how you are raising your child and what you want him or her exposed to.

Family Garden
Farmers’ markets are definitely green, but is there anything greener than growing your own food? Most families don’t have enough room to grow everything, but they can grow a few herbs and vegetables. Make a family garden and involve your children. Ask them to weed and tend the garden. This will also show them how rewarding it is when they can eat the fresh produce.

Fresh from our vegetable garden.

Encourage Conservation
One of the backbones of the green lifestyle is conservation. If your child can use as much water, power and resources as he or she wants, then it might be hard to break this habit later in life. It’s better to encourage conservation by telling your child to turn off the water while brushing his or her teeth, dimming or turning off the lights after a certain hour and understanding that finite resources should be used sparingly.

You should also tell your child why this is important. It will reinforce that conservation is a serious matter that will help the planet.

Encouraging your child to live a green lifestyle isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s all about exposing him or her to this lifestyle and explaining why it’s important. While other children might have a hard time turning off their TVs and games, your child will understand just how important it is to unplug.

Author Bio

Sandra Marino is a ‘go green’ enthusiast and loves spending time helping others learn how they can help the environment with green tips from Green Geek Tips.