I Love It When He Takes Us To Town For A Nice Dinner At Olive Garden

I love it when my husband takes us to town for dinner or something.  Today our family went to check on LCD screen at our favorite electronics store in Plano.  We are planning to replace the television screen in the guest room so it will have a nice piece of television for our guests especially mom and dad when they come over for a visit.

After shopping, we had dinner at Oliver Garden just a couple of miles farther from the store.  It’s my darling daughter’s first time to dine at Oliver Garden.  With the restaurant’s pleasant ambiance, dining at Olive Garden in Plano is very nice.

Haven’t ordered the entree yet I am looking at desserts 🙂
Here’s the red wine honey ordered for me.
Vegetable soup with shell pasta

My honey had some house salad.  He likes it before eating the main course which is his favorite pizza.

Honey’s favorite pizza at Olive Garden
Got me some spaghetti and meatballs

Like other fine dining restaurants, Olive Garden provides activity materials for kids like a sheet of coloring pad with crayons.  My daughter enjoys it.  She even extends her coloring on the table. 🙂

And here’s the dessert.  Sweet and yummy!

Chocolate mousse with caramel, Strawberry ice cream, Tiramisu

Birthday Surprises

Speaking of birthday, another year is added to my age six days ago. Yep, I had my birthday celebration twice. The first was at Citystreets in Sundance Square Downtown Fort Worth. And the second one was in Tyler last Saturday with my in-laws. They treated us to dinner in Red Lobster. My sister-in-law and her husband brought me a chocolate cake. Yummy! They gave me awesome gifts that day. Mom and Dad gave me Clinique Facial Cleanser and Moisturizing Set. Then my sister-in-law gave me a very alluring blouse (glittery blue color with butterfly printed on it). I am so thankful to them.

My honey’s family gives a big deal to birthdays. They like surprises. I am too.

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A Delectable Dinner in Richardson

My husband and I went to Richardson to meet his friend, Chek. It’s been two months since he and his family was with us in our wedding in April. Chek is my husband’s long time friend and a partner in a product development job. We dined in at Aboca’s Italian Grill, one of the popular restaurants in downtown Richardson. The place is welcoming and has, of course, the Italian ambiance. We were given a free bun as we started browsing the menu. Then the men agreed to get a seafood platter for their main course. I was confused because, honestly, I am not familiar with Italian dishes. So my husband suggested I should try the Chicken Marsala. It is one of the popular dish in this restaurant and also his family’s favorite. I said, “Okay.”
The food came. Chek told me to enjoy these all good stuff. And while my husband and Chek were busy talking about work, I was delighted how good the Chicken Marsala was. The chicken breasts were so tender braised with Marsala wine and mushrooms. The spaghetti on the side was so good while the taste of oregano in the sauce is mild. And there’s a little bit of spice kick there from the black pepper.

See bits of seafood on the side of my plate? They are from Chek’s seafood platter. It is great to meet up with seldom seen friends because we get to eat good stuff.