Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

This article looks at the popularity of walking holidays in Europe – their benefits and attractions, particularly for those who like to stay active. As the range of such holiday grows, is now the time to experience a walking holiday yourself?

Why walking holidays?
Many well travelled people tend to be looking for a more authentic way to engage with their destination and prefer to keep off the regular tourist track. Walking holidays are a great way to combine a range of interests – from seeing a destination first-hand and at a comfortable pace, to enjoying an active and healthy holiday, whilst meeting new friends and seeing cultural landmarks up close.

Guided walking holidays in Spain are taken care of by expert travel providers. The route will have been well tested and researched, so you won’t need to worry about what you’ll experience along the way. All the practical arrangements will also be in hand, which mitigates your worry about remaining organised and allows you to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside around you.

Walking holidays are also particularly good for seeing sights and landmarks which are slightly off the beaten track and generally not as accessible by transport. Particularly in Spain, walking allows you to take in the full diversity and culture of the country, whether you choose to explore the rich history and delicious cuisine or Andalucía, or relax in the paradise of the Canary Islands. Each holiday on offer will have a different feel and experience.

What does a walking holiday involve?
With a walking holiday, you can decide whether you prefer to guide your trip independently, or join a mixed walking group. With the former, you have total flexibility around your movements and stop-offs and your travel provider will give you maps and in-depth walking notes. You may also find that a baggage collection service is available, so that your baggage is waiting when you arrive at your hotel and you don’t have to struggle along with a heavy back-pack! This can be very useful when you’re travelling as a family.

Alternatively, with a guided holiday, your guide will introduce you to various hidden spots along the way, allowing you to find out more than you would alone and providing plenty of interesting facts and local knowledge. You will be introduced to some of the best restaurants and watering holes along the way too and your group will be there to motivate you along the walk and make sure no one gets left behind! This option is very popular with those looking to meet new people, or for those who are travelling on their own. Trip durations vary, but are usually around a week on average, with departures from various UK airports available and flexible transfers.

So if you’re looking for a fresh way to experience Spain – whether Valencia, Catalan, Andalucía, La Gomera, Tenerife, Majorca or one of the many other destinations available, a guided walking trip could be the way to go!

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on a variety of guided walking holidays and family holiday topics for travel websites and blogs. A keen fan of the outdoors, Adriana has long been a fan of guided walking holidays in Spain and has experienced much of the country by foot.

Spain is The Best Place to Hire Cheap Car While Traveling

Traveling can be a troubling sometimes because of money worries and the amount that everything seems to cost now. No one can possibly enjoy their time away if they are constantly worrying about the amount of money they are spending and may not even bother unless the price in right. The price can be right if you know where to look and cheap car hire in Spain does exist but there are a few tricks to try.

Waiting until you arrive to book your car hire is a big no, no which will mean you end up paying the top end prices that you can’t afford. You can pay less and get cheap car hire at Almeria Airport waiting for you upon your arrival. Booking before you go means that as soon as you step off that plane you can begin your holiday and enjoy the trip to you accommodation at your leisure, taking in the amazing scenery around you.

To get your cheap car hire in Spain your best port of call is the World Wide Web. The options available online are multiplying as the number of online business grows. As the market becomes more increasingly competitive, so do the prices which means retailers are slashing prices to attract you to their services over the rivals. There is no better time to take advantage and get your requirements met in full and ready and waiting for you cheap car hire at Almeria Airport. You should never ask for anything less. 

If these retailers want your custom, make sure you are getting what you want. If they cannot provide you with that then you can bet for sure that someone else will bend over backwards to. In order to ensure you get exactly what you want; consider what this actually is before you begin. If you are travelling with a child, you will need a car seat. You may want to be provided with a sat nav so you can get to places without getting lost! Whatever you need or want, you can more than likely get it so don’t settle when you can have more for the same amount of money.

Purchasing before you go away is the best thing you can do and you can start by taking advantage of those search engine sites. Search engines are the perfect tool producing results in order of popularity for your convenience. You can search knowing that everyone else chooses these retailers because statistics have put at the top of the list in your search. Look in to your options and don’t be hasty; what may seem like an amazing deal could be beaten elsewhere so don’t miss out. If you would prefer to be certain you are getting the best possible price you can benefit from using the comparison websites. These will aim to search far and wide to bring you the best prices for your car hire that the web has to offer.

There are plenty of sites to choose from so all you need to do is find the right one for you and to suit your needs. The process is not time consuming with the tools available but; take your time to get everything you want at the lowest cost to you. Ultimately, you can relax with more to spend when you get there.

Author Bio:

Rachel is a freelance writer based in North Wales. You can refer her articles while looking for information regarding cheap car hire Almeria airport. Rachel can guide you regarding cheap car hire Spain as well. Being an up-coming writer, she loves reading books and in her off time, she enjoys the company of her partner and niece.

Tenerife holidays and your all inclusive options

The Canary Islands are one of the most visited regions of the world among British holidaymakers and with so many superb beaches and top class resorts it is not difficult to understand why. Additionally, the weather is reliably hot and sunny, even in the winter months when most other parts of the EU are at least a little chilly.

Among the Spanish islands that sit just off the coast of West Africa, Tenerife is the largest and has the most inhabitants. Its resorts are as every bit as good as any you’ll find in other parts of the Canaries or around the Mediterranean and for many families it is the best place to enjoy a holiday  together.

There are plenty of great value offers on trips to the sun-soaked Canary Islands available throughout the year but when it comes to Tenerife holidays all inclusive deals are perhaps the most enticing. All inclusive deals after all give visitors every chance to enjoy their holiday to the very fullest extent without the worry of over-stretching financially. So you can relax by the pool or a beautiful beach safe in the knowledge that there wont be any nasty surprises the next time you check your bank balance.

Like Tenerife, Gran Canaria is a hugely popular holiday destination boasting all the sunshine, water sports, range of restaurants and night-life that hard-to-please tourists have come to expect. In fact, for Gran Canaria family holidays are something of specialist area with so much for children of all ages and for adults to enjoy each and every time they visit. All within just a few hours flight time of a string of regional UK airports, both Tenerife and Gran Canaria are well worth considering as the destination for your next family getaway.

This is a guest post.