Buy And Sell

I have been always wanting to do this-selling purses and shoes on  I started my buy and sell activities on eBay in 2008 when I first got here in the US.  The first few months of my arrival was quite boring because I was in the process of adjusting my residence status and I did not have the authority to work yet.  So to make my time worthwhile while waiting for the Adjustment of Status approval, I joined eBay.  I set up a seller’s account.  It was easier than I thought.

The first item I sold was a pair of  ladies shoes.  The shoes was sold on a very good price.  But what has got me was the shipping cost.  It happened that the extra money I had from the sale covered the shipping cost.  So, I did not gain any cent from the sale.  That was a little disappointing.  I learned that I can ship sold items to the buyer in a cheaper and faster way thru a postal service.

I temporarily stopped online selling when I got pregnant in 2010.  There’s no way I can manage my online tasks.  I was very focused on my pregnancy.  When I was fully recovered from the delivery and my little angel began bottle-feeding, I continued selling again last year.  Now, buying and selling on eBay has become a part of my lifestyle.  The extra money I get from the sale adds to the travel budget for the upcoming vacation.

Selling On EBay

‘Just sold another item at eBay. I am very happy. It motivates me to sell more. What’s good about selling on eBay is you manage your time. But it also takes time before the item sells 🙂

Anyway, what’s important is that, I got it sold! Yay! And I still have more things to post/list for sale soon after I give birth. I have to focus on my little one. And then I can sort out stuff for eBay.

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Something Portable And Beautiful Gift Is Arriving Tomorrow

Something beautiful is arriving tomorrow. It is a gift. The gift from my hard work of making money online. I am so proud about getting this thing because, I can say, I achieved one of my dreams.

I ordered a laptop eBay. This is what I am expecting to arrive tomorrow. Since we will be traveling to the Philippines for a vacation next month, I want to have something to use conveniently in doing my blogging and online jobs while I am abroad. I do not think we will have enough time to go to an Internet cafe in the evenings. We would rather spend our nights going to places like the city plaza, restaurants, and the bay.

I cannot wait to get everything set up in my laptop. With proper caring and handling, hopefully, my new gadget will last many many years.

Oh, by the way, I want to thank Ms. Lisa C. from Kentucky who helped me buy the laptop. More blessings for you Ms. Lisa! I highly appreciate your kindness.

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