That Was So Close!

‘Almost had an accident last night on my way home from Walmart.  I was running the speed limit on a two-lane highway going home when a car turned left (maybe the driver wanted to get ahead of me or something) from a T-Intersection.  I do not believe he did not see me coming because the car in front of him turned right before he did his.  And I was so close, like a few feet away, of hitting that car.  I am so thankful that God’s guidance is always with me.  And my car is ALWAYS in good condition. Hitting the brake immediately is a must in a situation like that.

My advice is pay attention and be watchful around when you are driving.  Do not get distracted with music, scenery, or even a conversation.  If you are talking with someone, continue the conversation when it is safe to do so.  Defensive driving is very important.

Total Discipline In Driving

Are you an aggressive driver? Do you defend yourself while driving?  These are two questions that you should always ask before you leave.  I know more and more people are becoming aggressive drivers.  Maybe, it is because they want to get to their destination quickly or, they are such stupid.  I have encountered drivers like that.  And it pisses me off whenever they drive carelessly.  You know, we are very watchful but others do not even care if turning on their blinkers/signals.  And here is another thing that irritates me when a car turns when I am like a few yards away.  That is why I always stay on the center lane until it is only two miles away from my turn.

We are not perfect drivers.  I also commit errors on the road.   And I learned my lessons from that.  But paying attention to traffic signs, rules, and warnings, is not difficult.  It needs total discipline.  I do not drive when I am tired or sleepy and not even when I am tipsy.  In any situation, defensive driving is very important so we can reduce the risk of driving and to always exercise caution like giving a time to react to the mistakes of others.