Full Attention On The Road When Driving

Driving requires full attention on the road.  It is highly recommended to always look on your mirrors  at least every 10 seconds.  Paying attention to traffic lights and road signs is very significant.  That’s what my driving instructor told the class when I was taking driving lessons in Fort Worth.  As quick as a blink on an eye, things happen on the road before you know it.  Sometimes we are daydreaming while driving.  Now is the time to quit it.  If you want to be called as a responsible and disciplined driver, keep calm and be attentive.  Be a defensive driver.

Satisfied With West Virginia Auto Insurance

Driving is not as easy as you might think.  It requires focus, awareness, and discipline.  Good vision is also important in driving.  If you get irritable so quickly, then you must learn how to be calm and patient.

There are lots of challenges when we are on the road driving.  We do not know what’s gonna come.  Our safety is always at risk.  We know within ourselves that we are very careful on the road.  But there are some who don’t pay attention and just act like s****d people while driving.

I won’t forget the wreck we had few years ago.  My husband and I were heading out-of-town Friday night and we’re on the Interstate when an over speeding car on the left lane that was tailgating the car in front of it suddenly went out of control.  It spun three times in front of us (we were in the center lane) because I saw that the driver of the car it was tailgating with tap it’s break.  And so, just a blink of an eye it happened.  As abrupt as we stopped, that car stopped in front of our car after spinning.  That was an upsetting evening.  I was shocked!  So shocked that I felt numb all over.  That was the scariest experience of my life.

The bright side of that accident is that, it was just a minor wreck.  But, it brought a hassle to us.  My husband did not have a vehicle to drive to work.  Auto insurance claim has to undergo a process.  We found out that car was a rental car.  And we were lucky that our truck’s West Virginia auto insurance processed and released the claim without any problem.  This is why auto insurance is very important.

Wherever we go, it is advisable be very careful and watchful when driving.  Be a responsible driver.  Practice discipline.

When Driving In The Rain

I did not expect it to be raining this afternoon.  The weather forecast sometimes is wrong.  They said that chances of rain will be in the morning so we did not go to the bank this morning.  I should know better that Texas weather is unpredictable, as always.

Driving in the rain is not cool especially in very low visibility.  My wipers work very hard to wipe the raindrops.  It is advisable to drive slow in the rain to prevent hydroplaning.  In addition, pay attention to cars around.  Some drive st***d on bad weather like heavy rains.  The road is very slippery so it is better to be extremely cautious.  I remember my girl friend told me that her husband lets her drive whenever they go to Chicago to visit her father-in-law.  And one night she was driving in heavy rains.  She can barely see the road.  But she did fine.  It was a very good practice for her driving skills.  I don’t think I can do that on long travel hours.

We arrived home safely.  My little one was sleeping in the car the whole time.  I guess she knew we’re home so she woke up and wanting to get off the car.  She wanted to go play in the rain but I did not let her.  Maybe when she gets a little bigger, we can play in the rain.