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Customer Appreciation Day

We had the Customer Appreciation Day every at the store today. What’s with it is we offer free gift wrapping for gifts purchased for Mother’s Day. I was in the early shift and had everything set up in the customer service. My co-associate K came and she was told to station on the second floor. It went well because customers came over to us and had their gifts wrap. Cookies and snacks were all over the store. We had raffle draws, and lucky winners won fabulous goodies. It was pretty neat.

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Customers’ Side Questions

Working in customer service is fun, sometimes. Customers expect you to know everything about the store policies and operation. They also expect that the restroom is by the customer service area.

I do not know how many inquiries we get from customers everyday pertaining to the restroom location in the store. I tell yah!

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Just Curious

I never heard about the complaint thing when I came in to work Wednesday. My two co-associates did not say anything about it. So I did not bother to ask. But still there is curiosity in me. The urge to ask my manager is bugging me. Do I have to ask my manager if the customer called for complain? What do you think?

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Customer Complaint

I was bad trip at work this evening. This is what I get by being very helpful with customers. See, a customer will complain about me on Monday. About what? For trying to help. She said that I was rude and she felt aggravated though all I wanted to do is to help her with a purchase. According to her, I was thinking that she will get out of the store with the merchandise.

Things happen at the same time that time. After dealing with that customer, the phone started to get crazy and two customers are in line waiting to get their transaction done.

The story about the complain is not complicated. The customer just wanted to make me feel bad about what happened to her gift card and the merchandise that she cannot purchase with it. Oh well, I will wait for her to call on Monday. She is very welcome to talk to my manager anytime.

You cannot please everybody. And that is true. Though you gave your best customer service, still, some people do not appreciate you.

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