Credit Card Application

Well, I just saw this beautiful handbag on my trip to the mall Saturday.  I love purses you know.  So there, I excitedly looked and checked on the features.  But it was too pricey.  I thought of buying it through a credit card but I don’t have one.  Sure is a nice gift for myself this Christmas.

When I got home, I talked to my husband about it.  He permitted me to get instant online credit card application, which surprised me.  Although, I am happy because I will be getting my own credit card now.  Of course, I will be very careful and responsible in using it.  Reading credit card user tips and guides at helps me understand more about credit cards.

Best Flower Shop For Mothers’ Day

One of the best gift you can give to your mothers is a bouquet of flowers.  Our moms are wonderful people and they deserve a treat this Mothers Day.

Have you thought of something yet?  Better buy her a bouquet of flowers or a Mother’s Day gift from Island Rose.  I recommend this flower shop because their products are satisfactorily nice.  They accept credit cards on online purchases which is very handy.

My mother was very happy when I sent her roses from Island Rose.  The delivery is on time and the flowers are SO fresh.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mommies!

Forgot To Pay My Bills?

Almost. Good thing I had the time to stop by at my favorite department stores. And it’s close to cut off time. Whew!

I don’t want these stores to charge me for late payment fees. That would be irritating. Not cool. I only have two store credit cards because my husband doesn’t want me to get hooked up with those. But I am thinking of closing one of them. I found a better store where I can shop for really good deals.

Anyway, always watch for the due date of your bills payment to avoid rushing…like I did.

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